Thursday, January 19, 2012

Will we be spared if we speak up the truth?

The irony with speaking truth is that the same people who teach us to speak the truth never expect us to speak any truth about them. The alarming rate of murder cases is because people involved in the crime do not want the truth to come in light. Even if people witness a particular murder case or theft they don’t go to police station to report it nor become an eye-witness in the court to stand up for truth.
We have different scholastic, religious and moral schools giving predominant consideration about speaking truth. The same authority who taught us to tell the truth would take vengeance against us if we speak the truth about them. It is said that the face of the truth is always horrifying. If we challenge the unchallenged and question the unquestioned, how would be the authority reacting to us?  

The church teaches us to be truthful and always urges us to speak truth but if we speak out the truth about what is happening with in the church, the same authority who taught us to tell the truth would take vengeance against us for having spoken the truth. This could be the reason to have a new denomination called protestant-church within the church.

The same happened with Jesus Christ who stood for truth. His very philosophy of life was to be truthful. He challenged the unchallenged and questioned the unquestioned. He straight away exposed and contemned the hypocrisies of the high priests and temple priests. They did not like Jesus speaking the truth about them and having spoken the truth they crucified Him upon the cross.

We might think that it all had to happen because the salvation-mission of Jesus was to complete. But the scenario is not different even now, if we are dare enough to challenge and speak up the truth about what our priests actually are, about their authenticity and genuinely, their fraudulent activities, the same priest who preach ‘always speak the truth’ will try to eliminate us from this earth. I do strongly believe that this was what had happened in the Abhaya case.

Speaking truth is just a jargon and no one expects us to put it into practice actually. This as a jargon, all religions teach their followers but they don’t want the followers to practice it really. Speaking truth is more a fable and no one wants it to become a reality.

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