Saturday, November 28, 2015

Terribly disappointed with the kind of service rendered by Christianweds matrimonial sites

Dear Christianweds officials,

Sub: An open letter to the officials of Christianweds matrimonial site

I was terribly disappointed with the kind of service rendered by Christianweds matrimonial sites.
I am Sanil Augustine, have recently registered with Christianweds matrimonial site with a profile Id,CWEKM3365 after the continuous persuasion, compulsion and colourful promises offered by the Christianweds official, Mr. Biju from Thodupuzha office. Mr. Biju over and again asserting that the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Christianweds unlike other matrimonial site is the Christianweds plays a role of a mediator between guy’s and girl’s family to align a marriage proposal. Having been convinced with what Mr. Biju told me, I registered with Christianweds matrimonial site.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Culling stray dogs is a lesser evil compared to the agony humans have to undergo after being bitten by stray dog

In the wake of the series of dog bite incidents being reported in Kerala and innocent faces of the kids being tarnished as an aftermath of dog bites, we should remember that we live in a country, India, where capital punishment is in force and justifiable homicide is not a capital offence, then, why culling stray dog is the most debated topic of the time?

The Constitution of India provides Fundamental Rights under Chapter III, Article 21 guarantees Right to Protection of Life and personal liberty. According to Section 302, 303 under Indian Penal Code (IPC), a person is sentenced to death for committing murder. Why then a dog that is a threat to humans can’t be culled? Any individual, who is a threat as well as a nuisance to the life of human beings, is put behind bars, why then all these street dogs are let free?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mr. CM, don’t make people wait for you indefinitely, our time is precious as well

People of Kerala watching you, learn to be punctual at least and learn to keep your promise. If you have forgotten, let me remind you the slogan of your government ‘Athi Vegam Bahu Dooram’ (With greater speed – long distance) - the speed with which Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, promises to deliver the goods and services.  But things are happening at snail's pace and many a time programms you promised to officiate are being cancelled at the last minute. You kept over 800 people of Kallichithra Colony - Naadaampaadam waiting for you. In preparation of your arrival, the precious time of the state police force, bomb squad, personnel of various departments and resources have been wasted, which could otherwise have been used for something productive and meaningful.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Really annoyed with the kind of service Focuz Biwheelers renders

I am well aware of the fact that writing this mail to you is absolutely of no use and completely waste of time for me. Hardly will it elicit any response from you. I can't but react, as I am an empowered citizen of this land, who reacts to what is odd and unethical. I can't tolerate when I learnt that I was being exploited. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is there anything like ‘The Life Partner’?

The options for one to choose his/her life partner are very limited. The potential bride or bride groom can operate only within one’s geography area, religion and its sub division, educational and social background, profession, salary credited in his bank account, height, weight and physical fairness all that. When all those criteria are considered, the options for one to choose from are very limited.