Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mr. CM, don’t make people wait for you indefinitely, our time is precious as well

People of Kerala watching you, learn to be punctual at least and learn to keep your promise. If you have forgotten, let me remind you the slogan of your government ‘Athi Vegam Bahu Dooram’ (With greater speed – long distance) - the speed with which Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, promises to deliver the goods and services.  But things are happening at snail's pace and many a time programms you promised to officiate are being cancelled at the last minute. You kept over 800 people of Kallichithra Colony - Naadaampaadam waiting for you. In preparation of your arrival, the precious time of the state police force, bomb squad, personnel of various departments and resources have been wasted, which could otherwise have been used for something productive and meaningful.