Monday, April 29, 2013

The short-lived new generation marriages

In a marriage wholly decided and arranged by the parents of both the parties; bride and groom, perhaps our grand parents met each other for the first time could be on the very day of their engagement. The height, weight, complexion, educational qualification, job, monthly income, interests, hobbies and nothing was asked about or enquired neither by the groom nor by the bride. It was not a matter of concern at all. Despite of all these, those marriages lasted long and it was fruitful. Unlike the new generation youngsters, they did not have any facility or medium of communication to know more about their life partner nor did have a space to interact with their would-be life partner before engagement but the marriage lasted long. Among them, perhaps the divorce was an unheard word.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Corruption is a way of life for Indians

Seemingly majority of Indians go by the general notion that ‘Corruption is a lubricant that keeps political machinery functioning.’ I feel that a good percentage of Indians keep the same psychology when it comes to giving and taking bribe. When the government proceedings and files get stuck in the red tape, it is bribe that puts everything back in a fast track mode and gets the things done for the beneficiaries.   

Monday, April 15, 2013

Inevitably Kochi needs flyovers not metro rail

Finally, the much awaited and acclaimed metro rail project is on the track after having the whole project got into the web of controversies and political deadlock. As far as the traffic woes are concerned in the city, the immediate requirement of Kochi is flyovers not metro rail project. The four traffic junctions at Edappally, Pipeline Vyttila and Kudannoor alone burn approximately 10khs rupees worth fuel due to the traffic gridlock every day, an expert study reported. Metro rail can only give a posh look to the city and get Kochi a place in the map of metro cities of India. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Coalition government always in a troubleshooting mode

Gone are the days of any single party enjoying the absolute majority to be in power in a multiparty democratic system thus parties had to come together and set up a coalition government to keep the system functioning. After the independence of India, for almost three and half decades Congress party enjoyed absolute majority but since 1990s India was following a relatively new concept of coalition government as the single party failed to get the majority to form a government.

Failure of life begins when we start lamenting on our past decisions

What we are today is the end result of the series of decision that we have taken in our life journey. Decision does not necessarily means the involvement of large amount of people, time, thinking process and money that have gone into but any small step we make in our life is a decision. I am writing a blog on ‘Failure of life begins when we start regretting on our past decisions’ is a small decision of mine to do so. Therefore, any action we perform is the end result of our intellectual decision and perhaps a decision could turn around our life itself.