Monday, March 1, 2010

The Taliparmbu incident

[The Taliparmbu incident (In February 20, 2010 a place called Taliparmbu In the district of Kannur in the state of Kerala, Teenaged girl and youth found hanging). The girl is suspected to be the victim of sex racket where in her obscene photographs, along with another boy of her school were circulated though mobile phones from an internet. The victims are
Pavithra 17, a Plus-1 student of the Morazha Higher Secondary School and Bineesh 28].

The Taliparmbu incident is not an isolated incident. Each and every minute another Taliparmbu incident is repeated but seldom it comes to the notice of the general public. If this is the condition of the youngsters who study in Kerala staying with parents so what would be the condition of the students studying outside of Kerala who are away from their parents? There is always a saying that it is very difficult to get good bridegroom for the girls who studied in Bangalore (even girls know this fact very well). It is not because all the girls who study in Bangalore go astray but may be a quite a few of them. A few can always spoil the reputation and the good name of others.

Freedom is misused. The parents send their children both girls and boys with so much of expectations and dreams but when they are away from home they misuse the freedom. When they get into new places and culture there is always a tendency to get along with that particular culture, life style and the trend of the time. So they get back into bad companies and bad habits because it is always easy to swim with the current. Guys get into drugs and all that. Girls and guy get to relationship and indulge in sex. The parents who are away seldom get to know the real nature of their children neither the children tell all that to parents. When the children get back to their home for the holidays and on other occasions they would be so modest and well behaved.

Among youngsters it is a matter of pride that one has to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. As the relationship grows they get into different levels and kind of intimacy and later it ends in sex. There are some smart guys who shoot all those acts of sex and nude pictures without the consent of the other. There are also occasions where the acts of sex and nude pictures are shot with mutual agreement. Due to many reasons one day or the other the relationship is broken. That time those obscene and nude pictures come in action. Those absence pictures are circulated and uploaded in the internet to take revenge and defame the other. Because of the great humiliation the girl and guy involved in the act end their life.


  1. good observation coupled with logical presentation. congrats! now the question is what we can do? conscientization may help a little bit, it seems.

  2. Eda Mayi..You don't have any other work to do? My first response to your blog was to condemn it straight away.. Just because net is an open space you can't wash your dirty laundry in public like this.. Dear Life Would often Teach you Bitter Lessons..learn from the past.. don't be defensive.. See You Later