Saturday, September 24, 2011

Living at the expense of others

Shall we remind you something, you dear Politicians of our country “You are living at the expense of us.” We, the citizens of the country, are meeting all your expense and what do you all give us in return? The politicians should learn that the status and the comfort they are enjoying are with the hard earned money of the destitute of this land. They are answerable for our well-being and convenience. The Politicians are elected to serve us not to be served.

In their speech they aptly fit so many jargons like Aam aadmi and aam janatha to woo the general public in the election campaign. The politicians are big time pseudo ones. The politicians can not understand the value of the hard earned money. When the common man is working hard in the scorching sunlight our politicians are resting comfortably in the air-conditioned rooms for which the money is paid from state exchequer. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A September 11

Americans were always under the notion that they were far ahead of any country in terms of wealth, technological advancement and military force and they are the supreme power in this world. Their arrogance was scattered when the World Trade Center, the prestigious building, was turned into ashes, killing over 3000 people of 60 nationality in a terrorist attack.

If the fourth plane would not have crushed down in the state of Pennsylvania, the White House, one of the targets of the terrorist attack, would have definitely been turned into ashes and the humiliation and wound that would have created in the minds of Americans could have been vicious.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is objective truth possible?

The question of objective truth is always a matter of philosophical pursuit and it constantly throws handful of questions before us which don’t have any inclusive answers.   What are objectivity and subjectivity?  Is our learning subjective or objective? Can human intellect comprehend objective truth? 

Before going into what are objective and subjective truth let us first understand what is subjectivity and what is objectivity. There is always a reasoning ‘I’ within me. This ‘I’ is the subject of knowing something.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Advent of internet and lofty influence of social networking have resulted in the new phenomenon of internet chatting thus, it has created a new kind of people who are called webtrovert. We are familiar with the words introvert and extrovert but the word webtrovert is perhaps new to us.

The person who is confined within himself and does not talk to others are called introvert. The person who is out going and makes company with everyone and who is so jovial is called extrovert. Now the question is who is webtrovert then?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mothers are the best managers

Perhaps mothers are the best managers though not many of them hold a MBA degree from a well reputed college. We should marvel in the way they put all the works together with ease and happiness.

Let me first define who is a manger according to me, for me a manager is the one who manages so many things in a frame of time and completes everything within the time limit. I don’t mean managers are the so called educated people who are sitting in the air-conditioned room, well dressed.