Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living to fill our stomach

Have we ever thought of a state of not feeling hungry at all without any food conception? Imagine if we would not have the physical or the biological feeling of hunger not in us,
how lazy we all would have been, thus what keeps the entire world moving and life vibrant and active is the hunger. Therefore, feeling of hunger revolves everything in the world.

At the end of the day all our actions lead to the ultimate thing; the quenching of the hunger, the belly that burns within us. Can we imagine that a world without hunger rather people without hunger? We all would have definitely become big time idle ones, perhaps we would have been sleeping all the time like Kumbhakarna.

The whole world would have been inactive, nothing would be happening, no farming no agriculture, no food production, no hotels, no restaurant, nothing at all.

In the race for quenching our hunger, a few end up amassing major part of the wealth and as a result the rest is left with little and starve with hunger. So if a little fault with the preparation of our food we start complaining, the food is not tasty and all that crap, it is all because we have not experienced the real hunger.

Our feeling of hunger is to the extent that we eat something, or being a little late to eat our routine food in the normal time. If at all we have felt the feeling of hunger, our feeling of hunger is very secure because even if it is a little late we have food ready to eat on our dining table or we have enough of money to walk to a hotel and eat and quench our hunger.

We should understand hunger in respect of people who don’t have any idea to feed their stomach, for them everything is uncertain. If a poor man could quench his hunger at any time of the day, for him it is very uncertain that when he would have his next meal. After our full meals our very next preoccupation would be what shall we eat for the next meals, which variety of food we should go for.

Irrespective of all rich and poor, at the end of the day we all live to quench our hunger rather to fill our stomach. So let us be a little worried about the have notes around us and try helping them in our own small ways so that others stomach also shall be filled with food at least once in a day when we eat four times in a day.

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  1. good to see so many blogger taking participate and helping poor child...

  2. very nicely written. kep it up.

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    Could you please let me know where the picture with the little boy starving comes originally from ; I would like to use that picture in a book that I have written and ask the author of the picture to give me the authorization to do so.

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  4. Well stated and obviously drawn from reflection. Just came across your post and decided to read. I will have to return to read more. Thanks.