Friday, June 22, 2012

If I were as tiny as an ant

How wonderful it would have been to live as an ant, one of the smallest creatures, in this big world. Life of an ant is not always noticed by human beings yet happening. Though it is a miniature creature perhaps it would be the only creature which can carry an amount of weight which is double than its body weight. This small creature can truly upset the biggest creature on this planet, elephant.  

 If I were as tiny as an ant I would have climbed upon any tree and top of any mountain with ease. If I were as tiny as an ant I would have conquered the Mount Everest much before human beings did. With my light weight both living and nonliving things would not find it difficult to carry me on their shoulders. I could walk into any high security alerted areas without any due permission. If I were as tiny as an ant I would steal any food items which I love the most without my parents knowing about it.

I would live a life without being noticed by bigger creatures than me yet remain powerful. The kind of unity that is there among ants can’t be seen among any other creatures. Unity is ants’ strength and ants are united in all the situations, whether it is for gathering food or fighting against their common enemy.

If I were an ant, I would not have been bound by any law of the land like human beings and life would have been amazing without any kind of infringement of freedom.  

If I were an ant my life always would have been adventurous and happening. Unlike human relationships, relationship between ants would be cordial and with so much of warmth. Though ants do not have a formal language as of human beings, ants would communicate in a better way than that of human beings. 

If I were as tiny as an ant, I would not take any vengeance against my own people like human beings do. I would not be fighting with my fellow beings and would not be killing them. Though the ants do not have a civilization and laws and regulations, I would lead a better civilized life than that of human beings and my life as an ant would be much happier.

If I were as tiny as an ant, I would not worry so much as human beings do in terms of what to eat for tomorrow. If I were as tiny as ant, I would work as a sniffer-ant like sniffer-dog in helping the police team to probe the case thus to bring out the truth. As I am so tiny, I could enter anywhere and peep into any place to collect enough of evidence to probe any case.  

If I were as tiny as an ant, never I would have been lazy in my life instead; I would have been hard working and accomplishing my task well in advance. Despite the fact that an ant is such a tiny creature, it teaches me lots of lessons for my life if I were as tiny as an ant I would have been much delighted. Ants are living a life in perfect harmony which is very rare to find in human beings. Some of the good qualities that are observed in ants are; hard working, disciplined, dedicated, loving and caring for his/her fellow beings. If I were an ant I would have definitely imbibed all those good qualities.

However, if I were as tiny as an ant I would have constantly endangered my life and fell prey to so many dangers.
The size does not matter but how hardworking and dedicated to the task that matter and bring success in life.      

Image Courtesy: Google Image 

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