Friday, February 1, 2013

Bangalore-Malayali girls carry a bad tag always

Invariably, every Indian guy who has been there in abroad, when it comes to marriage, would be looking for a traditional Indian bride and it is the same case with Malayali guys they least prefer a Malayali girl who had been there in Bangalore on account of studies or job. Banaglore-studied and worked girls have less demand when it comes to marriage market and it is a fact discussed among the guys.

It is not necessary that all of them are turned pervert and went astray but majority of them are so thus this is the very notion that the Bangalore-Malayali girls carry. The root cause of the Malayali girls going astray is the ‘misuse of the freedom’. Even if a guy stays with or stays away from his parents the amount of freedom he gets to enjoy is almost the same whereas there is a marginal difference in the amount of freedom a girl enjoys being with her parents and being away from them.

When a girl is at her home town in Kerala, she is expected to be back home latest by 7pm so the curfew time to get back home is set as 6-7pm because the parents of the girls think that it is ideal time to get back otherwise they would have to face unpleasant incidents from the drunkards and anti-social people. The most repeated complaints by a Malayali girl while  staying with her parents in Kerala would be; she is not given freedom as her male counterparts. The girls would not know why they are asked to get back before the darkness overshadows, it is to keep them safe from all the possible dangers and evils.

The western culture keeps the girls temping to wear western attires to keep them sexy and attractive but when they are at their home town they are always expected to wear traditional attires to keep them modest. Once they get a chance to migrate to Bangalore for their higher studies or good professional life they would feel that they are relieved from the curtailed freedom. They are no more under the moral-eyes of their parents and they get a new horizon of freedom and opportunities right in front of them to celebrate their life.     

Once they reach The Garden City, they are fascinated by the culture, luxury, comfort, opportunities and above all the amount of freedom they get. The very reason Bangalore-Malayali girls getting spoiled unlike the Malayali girls migrating to other metro cities is because of the culture of the city, Bangalore being a city of pubs, parting, cohabitation and boyfriend-girlfriend culture. Some of them automatically fall into the popular culture and some of them are forced to follow the popular trend not to get isolated from the general crowd thus not to be pushed to the peripheries in the competition.

Thus, the girls start searching for ‘true love’ which they think they were missing  in their life and once they find ‘true love’ they are totally lost in it. It would be too late when they learn that true love was of their parents and rest of everything was fake and allure for flesh and purely lust. A few of them get into some kind of female sexual trafficking and sex rackets and it would not be easy for them to come out of it. By the time they come to their senses there is little could be done about it and there is nothing that could be restored.  
When the girls find it difficult to afford their luxury life with the fixed monthly pocket money sent from their parents, they find ways to generate money being a call-girl because for them this is the only easy way out to make money to meet their luxury life. Now there is nothing that they have not lost so they continue in their fallen-state and the dirt can't be cleansed too.

Even if the guys woo the girls and get them trapped into all these kind of immoral activities, society being patriarchal guys would not be blamed instead the girls would be blamed and the society would tell them that girls need to be judicious and cautious of all these because in both the cases the damage is caused to the girls not to the guys.

Even if guys go morally wrong it is accepted in the patriarchal society but the society expects a girl to be always modest, chaste and spotless under all the circumstances. However, irrespective of the gender, both male and female, any party could go morally wrong and become corrupt no matter the geographical area they belong to. Whatever might be the place they belong to and circumstance they are into, both the parties can decide their destiny and it is a challenge before them whether to remain chaste and spotless or corrupt. But the bad tag on Bangalore-Malayali girls is going to remain there..........................     

This blog has a continuation in: “I have no boyfriend;’ for you have had five boyfriends, and the one you have now is not your boyfriend -  


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  2. I m a malayali living in Bangalore for d past 10yrs. I wud like to bring to d notice of the admin...that der r girls like me who know not to betray d trust of der family in Kerala...and Bangalore is not just d city for pubbing...people do sumthg called as studying and working....and abt men and freedom....wen u say we r supposedly trapped here....dont u realise 98% of traps are laid by malayali men...who don't think twice...before getting too comfortable with us...if the supposedly orthodox families of Kerala still feel that Bangalore girls are still supposedly d same......a census of such parameters shud b taken from kerala

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