Friday, February 15, 2013

Negation always calls for action

The moment we are asked ‘not to do’ something somehow we all would end up doing it otherwise we would not have made an attempt to do it at all or perhaps not event thought of it. So negation always spreads a subliminal message and calls for reverse action.

We have come across the write-ups such as ‘Don’t Park Here’ and ‘Don’t put garbage here’ in the cities. In both the cases, such a write up is put up because there is space to park the vehicle and there is enough of space to dump the garbage. The board ‘Don’t Park Here’ is put up because there is enough space to park the vehicles but the owner of the space or the authority does not want anyone to park his or her vehicle in the particular spot. Whereas people looking out for a space to park their vehicle seeing this board end up parking there itself thus the board works as an indicator or a sign board.  

Perhaps if the board ‘Don’t Park Here’ is not put up in a particular spot, people would not park their vehicles there at all. It is spreading a subliminal message that there is a scope and there is space to park. No one would put up a board ‘Don’t Park Here’ where there is no space for parking. Therefore, negation always calls for action, which makes us to do the reverse action which is not expected of us.

In our childhood, whenever we were asked not to do something we have ended up doing the same therefore, negation of an action opens up a chance how to do the particular action. We feel being obliged to the guidelines, regulations and warnings is something bad and it is not for the daring man not to perform it so we feel we should take the extra steps to perform it though we are being told not to perform it.

A few people take it as matter of pride and heroic act to surpass the ‘do not do this’ assertion and as a result they perform without being aware of the consequences of the action could bring about. People feel that ‘do not do this’ assertion challenges their potentials and capabilities and if they abide by the assertion they feel they are humiliated and their self esteem is at stake.

Negatively responding to the assertion of ‘do not do this’ would always land us in troubles and always the assertions are for the good and wellbeing of the society. Thus ‘do not do this’ simply means ‘do not do this’ nothing more than that.       

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