Thursday, November 25, 2010

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If India were not colonized…..

If India were not colonized by the Great British Empire whether India would have become what Barack Obama was over and again asserting in his recently concluded maiden Indian visit that India is a rising power to the entire world.

Can we imagine what would have been the condition of India, rather the condition of an

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Wine getting better and better as getting older and older

Age of 37 is considered to be an old age as far as the cricket is concerned and it’s high time for any player to retire and give way for others to walk in.  But at the age of 37 the kind of form he has and the way he displays it is marvelous. Sachin is proving that age is just a numerical number that is added to our chronological age, form and passion can be

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ever decaying Indian politics

Invariably every politician is corrupt, only a few get caught red-handedly; those caught ones easily wash off their hands and come out with a clean image. We have a long list of nation shame corruptions like

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A turbulent Bhajji

We all love Bhajji doing miracles with bat hitting hard the ball that is thrown at his stumps but he should not fail while throwing at the stumps of the batsmen and bowl them out. I think his ability to bat and scoring of the two consecutive centuries would help him to explore more his bowling abilities, that as a bowler how he can bowl out he the batsman.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everything centered on our convenience

Anything and everything that we do is centered on our convenience. We do everything to the extent that our comforts and conveniences are not disturbed. The moment our convenient circle and comforts are disturbed, we will definitely react.

From nothingness…..

Every big company or person had a very humble beginning from nothingness. If they were to wait to have all kinds of capital, resources and infrastructure they would have never begun anything at all. It has to grow throw difficulties

Theorizing everything

Life is full of incidents and happenings, it is not based on any theory, and it is pure and absolute practical aspects. We don’t set out for our day with any theory. But at end of the day we make theories out of our day to day happening such as we did this so we had that blessing. There would not be any correlation with any of those incidents, both of them were two isolated events happened in different time and space

Act of comparison

When we have only one single piece of anything available that is the finest and the ultimate thing because we don’t have a second one to compare with. But when we have more than one of the same pieces, we tend to compare both of them. Thus, the quality of the two things are understood

Getting cheated

If we get cheated in our life journey, let us be glad in one way that we belong to a great history and tradition. Cheating has been there from the very inception of the universe. All the great people have been cheated in their life for a common good or for a better cause. History tells t

To think out of the box

People who have become great are the ones who thought everything out of the box, out of the context, time and space where they have been. It is a term that we have heard always, but to put practice in our life is always difficult.

We all live in a particular time and space, to transcend ourselves and see

Human curse

It’s just an attempt to know that whether there is something called human curse that is in force. Is curse something divine or human? When it is divine we say it is wrath of God and human its curse. Now the question is that human can only curse can’t

According to me………

No human judgment can be absolutely right, so what we can do is that tell others according to my understanding I think….. according to my studies and my academic pursuit I think….. In my opinion….. in my belief….. in my frame of understanding….. in my scheme of things….. in my world view…..

Movies can’t be isolated from social realities

This is an attempt to hypothetically prove that movies can’t be isolated form social realities, the thread of every movie is from the society and it is there in and around us.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, everything happens in a given time and space. We live in a space and time, same as a story has lived or lives in a space and time. It is an eye of a story writer can find stories. The artist, the writer, who lives

Problem Vs Mystery

We have basically two kinds of people, people who try to know the reason rather people who have a why for everything and people who accept everything that happens in their life.

The difference between problem and mystery are