Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Problem Vs Mystery

We have basically two kinds of people, people who try to know the reason rather people who have a why for everything and people who accept everything that happens in their life.

The difference between problem and mystery are
; if there is problem there is a cause for it and if we find the cause of a particular problem we can have its solution as well. So if it is a problem we need to find the solution.

Whereas in mystery there is no question and there is no why. There are people who tend to believe that everything is mystery, these kinds of people do not want to find the reason behind a particular occurrence so everything is buried in it and believed that whatever has happened is a mystery.

Problem will have a solution and mystery does not have a solution, mystery is a missed story always, missing the links of cause and effect, what caused the particular incident and how it can be resolved.

Human intellect is limited, it can’t comprehend all the secrets of the universe and happenings; but that does not mean that everything should be considered as mystery. Unlike other animals human beings are bestowed with intellect and reasoning power, it is to find solution for their problems and to go ahead in life.

Before labeling things as mystery, why don’t we give a try a suggest a solution and why don’t we convert the so called mysteries into problems and find our own solutions to it, thus let us have a life free of mysteries as well as problems and have a meaningful life lived.

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