Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ever decaying Indian politics

Invariably every politician is corrupt, only a few get caught red-handedly; those caught ones easily wash off their hands and come out with a clean image. We have a long list of nation shame corruptions like
Bofors scandal, Tehelka, Hawals scam and Fodder Scam.

The most recent ones are Adarsh Housing Society case where Ashok Chavan, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra was involved in, Suresh Kalmadi has allegations of corruption and cronyism in awarding contracts, fudging accounts and mismanagement of Commonwealth Games, and 2G spectrum by A Raja Telecom minister are thrown out of their office.

Indian politics have been corrupt in nature since our independence. Seemingly our politicians follow the slogan that “Bribe is the lubricant that keeps the political machinery functioning.” No party is an exception to this. I think corruption is the main agenda of every political party, to make money for party funds to run the elections.

What a contradiction in India, a handful of uneducated people ruling over the rest of the educated population. It is like any fool can be a minister and handle any department. How many of our politicians have proper education rather basic education? How many percentage of our politicians are well educated? The irony is that people who don’t have any other job have taken up politics as a career.

How many of them can speak a second dialect other than their mother tongue? In State assemblies they can mange because it’s their own mother tongue is spoken but what they would be doing when they move to Parliament. How many of our regional MPs understand what is really happening there? How are they handling when we have foreign state heads coming in for visit and when they make foreign visits?

India is the largest democratic nation in the world. Does democracy mean that politicians should be totally illiterate and should not have any kind of education at all? When we say it is by the people, for the people, to the people, that is fine but why do not we have qualified and educated people?

Bureaucrats are the intellectual heads that keep the whole administration in full swing. All the intellectual aspects are taken care of by them. All the bureaucrats are with the rank of IAS (Indian Administration Service) and I PS (Indian Police Service). All these well qualified bureaucrats are controlled by the uneducated politicians is the most pitiful condition.

In India any administration job demands well qualified IAS or MBA candidates, even after all these qualifications many cant find a job, and the biggest irony is that our big politicians who run the entire country neither have an academic degree of administration nor have any knowledge, its like politician can handle any portfolio under the banner of the political party.          

A couple of months ago the salary and other allowances of MPs were increased to triple time from what they had formerly that is from 18, 000 to 48,000 monthly salaries apart from all travel and telephone allowances, still they were pleading for more, were comparing their salary and allowances with ministers of foreign countries.

In terms of getting their rights, salaries and allowances they compare with ministers of foreign countries. Why don’t they compare themselves with ministers of foreign countries on the educational standards and delivering things? Let them do it first and plead for more. I don’t understand why they need to be given more, otherwise also big time looting form various departments and funds.    

Are our politicians so selfless that they always dream the concerned about the future and prosperity of our country? Politics is no more a service it is big time money looting business. The money they handle is not the fruit of their hard work, so basically it is people’s money so big time mishandling and having luxurious life.

The Swiss bank accounts that our politicians have themselves are the evidence for corruption; if we can have a close assessment of their wealth we can understand how big time they loot. Under the banner of service and politics what happens normally is the corruption. On the top of that according to hierarchical order from minister to the last man, servant everyone is given the share of it.  

We get to see all these politicians only during the election campaign; once they get elected we will have no whereabouts about them. They will have all the luxury and comforts at the expense of general population.

We should be given special awards for tolerating these kinds of people, it is high time we react to all these, the change is not going to happen not even in a few years because the way it is affected it is very bad. It is a collective effort for a common good.

We should have such a monitoring system where the corrupt politicians are caught and should be thrown out and never let to contest in any election. These are the utopian desire nothing is going change really, the whole system itself is corrupted, it is the pity of India, these unashamed creatures are the curse of our country and they would cling to power till the last moment of their breath.

An IAS, IPS or MBA should be mandatory for all the politicians who are in the big task of running the administration of the country. Perhaps this is the only way out to clean the decaying politics. Imagine if this is the qualification required for our politicians how many of our current politicians would be there, only handful people like our Prime minister, Kapil Sibil, Pranab Mukherji and etc. The less they are educated the more they are corrupted.

Imagine how much more prosper and developed could be our nation if we had transparency and just people in our politics. Where there no corruption and service is the only motive of politicians to that realization let our country awake. 

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  1. very true. stated perfectly. but there is no one who is not in need of money. every field is corrupted.