Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Act of comparison

When we have only one single piece of anything available that is the finest and the ultimate thing because we don’t have a second one to compare with. But when we have more than one of the same pieces, we tend to compare both of them. Thus, the quality of the two things are understood
when both of them are compared with their advantages and disadvantages.

The act of comparison is done by all of us even without our prior knowledge. When something goes wrong we compare ourselves with others and our past situations, we can’t get away with the act of comparison. Through act of comparison we gain as well as lose meaning in our life.

As we stand in the middle of the ladder of the socio-economic status,

we always compare ourselves with those people who are always on the top of the ladder and mummer with in ourselves that we do not have this facility and we don’t have that mush luxury all that. In this regard we always compare ourselves with those privileged ones.

Have we ever compared ourselves with those people who are at the bottom line of the socio-economic status, if we do that we would understand our richness and how fortunate we are. You and I can access internet making use of the facility read and write this article and how many of the population have this opportunity. 

But we as human beings always worried about what we don’t have rather than be satisfied with what we have. Human needs are unlimited, the moment one is satisfied the other is arisen. Marshalow in his hierarchy of needs says the same that we have always that tendency to have upward mobility.   

Of course, we need to compare ourselves with people who are above and below of us in the socio – economic status, by comprising with the people who are above the line we should not spoil nor regret that we don’t have this and that and waste our life in regretting, there are barriers within us that cant take us to that level but still let us keep ourselves focused and keep striving for it.

By comparing ourselves with those people who are below the line, we should be proud and happy that God has blessed us with so much, same time we should have the obligation to help them in their needs. We should be empathetic to them, we should help those ones who are needy and deserve our help whether it’s in terms of money and any kind of assistance.

Act of comparison will help in all the areas of our life, not only limited to socio – economic status, it will help us to understand our character, behaviors, knowledge level, our IQ and EQ. Comparing ourselves with others we can bring about changes and can have new objectives in tackling the situation and go ahead in our life.     

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