Tuesday, November 9, 2010

According to me………

No human judgment can be absolutely right, so what we can do is that tell others according to my understanding I think….. according to my studies and my academic pursuit I think….. In my opinion….. in my belief….. in my frame of understanding….. in my scheme of things….. in my world view…..
 in my world experience…..this is right and this is wrong.

I have seen people making declarations and concrete statements on which they have little knowledge. They act as if they know everything about things, but many a time what they say is blunder and at the end of the day the little knowledge kills everything.

We are no one to declare that this is right and that is wrong. Our understanding of the world and things are limited. The human intellect can’t comprehend everything, even if we comprehend knowledge it is not sure that what we have comprehend is the right knowledge, so it’s always advisable to be in safe mode.

It is always nice and appreciated to say no if we are not sure of something than blabbering something about things and misleading people form the right path as well as having right knowledge about things. 

People should be humble enough to say that according to me and my simple understanding this is this way… humility is always a substance of wise men, they do not boast.

Even we are no one to advice people, we can only tell them according to my past experience things had fallen this way, so you can draw parallel lines and learn lesson for yourself.

If people ask you in which field they fit in for the job, probably we can say according to my understanding of you and your skills….such and such field would be apt for you. Not like this is the apt field for you, we never know what is apt for him or her, the time will prove that.

We as the listeners to those declarations, we should believe anything blindly; let us have our own understanding of things and reasons to believe.   

We don’t have any right to tell that things are so… we should not make such declarations… but instead in my opinion or according to me……………………….

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