Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A turbulent Bhajji

We all love Bhajji doing miracles with bat hitting hard the ball that is thrown at his stumps but he should not fail while throwing at the stumps of the batsmen and bowl them out. I think his ability to bat and scoring of the two consecutive centuries would help him to explore more his bowling abilities, that as a bowler how he can bowl out he the batsman.  

Our Harbhajan is in full swing, he completed two consecutive centuries a world record that the 8th batsman scoring two such one that too in succession, and he has no plan to stop it and that is the message he is sending across. There were times only the main batsmen used to perform and the tail-enders not performing anything with the bat all.

Now the scenario is changed even if our openers and middle batsmen fail to deliver the tail-enders keep the show going without great damages and have kept the first position of India in ICC test ranking, in tact. As the world cup is far approaching it is good news for our team. This is the kind of team India we all having been waiting for.

Bhajji is always known for his aggressiveness and many a time his aggressiveness has cost him so costly as well. We know some of those incidents but we should not forget that these aggressive people keep the game going in any difficult terrain.

Bhajji is known for his batting performances earlier also, there are so many matches in which, he has led his tem to victory with his bat. Bajiji’s entry to the team was as an off spinner, and he has the second-highest number of Test wickets by an off spinner behind Sri Lanka's Muttiah Muralitharan. 

Where is Irfan pathan now? He came to the team as a bowler and knowing his ability for batting and he was experimented and at the end he spoiled his natural bowling ability and at the end he had neither of these; as a result he is out of the team itself.

If the players rise according to the situations and perform for the team to give victory is always well and good but they never should be forced to play multiple tasks because that can in a way spoil the players to perform their natural game and the particular tasks for which they are in the team.
Turbanator’s two consecutive centuries mean a lot to the team India because these centuries saved India from both the tests. He deserves great applauds because he did it under great pressure and tension and when it was greatly demanded of him.

Now media is trying to give him the synonym of an all-rounder, at the end why he needs such personifications. Let him play his natural game both in bowling and batting and the Bajji shall remain as he is and he is beyond all kind of attributes.

(The world turbulent is used in all positive sense here, which means a full form Bajji)

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