Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Theorizing everything

Life is full of incidents and happenings, it is not based on any theory, and it is pure and absolute practical aspects. We don’t set out for our day with any theory. But at end of the day we make theories out of our day to day happening such as we did this so we had that blessing. There would not be any correlation with any of those incidents, both of them were two isolated events happened in different time and space
 but we try to draw line between those two and make meaning out of those two incidents and we make theories.

We theorize everything in our day to day life. We make theories out of the incidents that occur. Many a time the theory made is no way corresponding to what has actually occurred in our life. Normally the theorization happens when everything is turned to be good. In its simple words theorizing is nothing but what has happened is put in words and glorified.

Sir Isaac Newton made the theory of gravitational force that due to gravitational force the things fall into the earth. The force of gravity was there in the universe even before Newton theorized it as gravitational force. It was not like things were not falling into earth before Newton found the gravitational force.

For a crude example: Other day two of my friends started a kind of play wherein some kind of pushing and pulling were happening after a few minutes it end in a big fight and one’s shirt got torn off and a good number of my friends happened to witness it. At the end of everything, the one who initiated the fight was declaring that it was a deliberate attempt to make you people understand something. 

My question is, did that guy ever sit and think that such an incident should be enacted on such and such date, at a particular time and in front of those many people??? Did he do adequate number of rehearsals to do it in its perfection? Had he to spoil a shirt for that?? 

This is called theorization, it was done to get rid of the immediate humiliation and blushing and the hurt feelings that one had, so he declared that it was done with a purpose to make people understand something.   

We do all these kind of theorizing, to safeguard ourselves and to add meaning and colour to life, sometime to satisfy our needs, sometimes to justify ourselves or to give an answer to our conscience or to pacify our disturbed mind.      

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