Thursday, July 19, 2012

Challenge him not… provoke him not…

Basically everyone is good. Normally people end up doing something wrong or become anti-social when they are challenged and provoked. When someone is irritated, tarnished, subjugated to the core and pushed to the peripheries they would definitely bounce back and the fury of their anger might cause all possible damages which would remain incurable for a long period of time for both the parties.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Problem does not really exist

Most of our problems we think that we have don’t exist really and they exist only in our thought level. Most of our problems are not really out there as realities but they remain in our imagination and thought process rather they are the end results of our imagination and pondering over. The problem what I mean here is not any tangible problems like physical aliments, unemployment, financial insecurity but the problems that we cook up in our thoughts and imagination. 

Most of our problems are not tangible but they are very much intangible in nature. We consider and place these intangible problems something as tangible in front of us thus we become nervous, tensed, too much preoccupied and even get carried away with them.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Virtual Existence

The advent of technologies especially internet have challenged the very human relationships, the depth and warmth of a true relationship are lost. Everything is governed by technology and we are engulfed by technologies thus our very existence is challenged and we no longer  exist in the real world, rather we live in technology to be precise we live in a virtual world.

In this regard if the age-old story of scholar and boatman were to be retold to the younger generation, to reach the message home we need to fine-tune the story to the current era and perhaps it should be retold in the following format;