Monday, July 9, 2012

Problem does not really exist

Most of our problems we think that we have don’t exist really and they exist only in our thought level. Most of our problems are not really out there as realities but they remain in our imagination and thought process rather they are the end results of our imagination and pondering over. The problem what I mean here is not any tangible problems like physical aliments, unemployment, financial insecurity but the problems that we cook up in our thoughts and imagination. 

Most of our problems are not tangible but they are very much intangible in nature. We consider and place these intangible problems something as tangible in front of us thus we become nervous, tensed, too much preoccupied and even get carried away with them.

It is said that if we keep on thinking on something there is no end to it and we don’t ponder over something there is nothing in itself. Most of the time we ponder over our intangible issues and create so many mental blocks within our mind which would remain as huge problems in our mind and thought level. Thus people and inconveniences remain problems right in front of us blocking our journey ahead.

The little dislikes and indifferences that we have for someone, we put them in our thought process and imagination and we cook up these dislikes and indifferences and start finding people and things as problem themselves. We fabricate the dislikes and indifferences that we have for someone and portray the person as a real problem whereas this particular person has not done anything wrong against us nor would be a threat for us. Thus the person becomes an ‘imagined-problem’ that has emanated in our imagination and thoughts; the particular person never remains as a real threat or a problem out there for us.      

This kind of thought process and imagination lead to divorce between couple, break up between lovers, making someone angry on the other, pushing someone into despair and agony and loss of loved ones into ultra depression. When a girl is ditched by her boyfriend and if she keeps thinking about her lost love and regrets over she is being ditched and all those episodes, it can create only problems in her life and perhaps she would not be able to come out of that stage and end up her life in the problem itself.    

Negative thinking creates fabricated problem and at the same time positive thinking helps us to come out of our real problems. We are so good at creating fabricated-problems through our imagination and thought process but very bad at solving our real problems with the same imagination and thought process. By nature we are inclined to negative thinking not constructive.  Our mind shall be filled with positive and fresh thoughts and let positive thinking help us to solve our problems. The reasoning ‘I’ within me shall help us to solve our problems than not letting us fabricate problems.        

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