Thursday, July 19, 2012

Challenge him not… provoke him not…

Basically everyone is good. Normally people end up doing something wrong or become anti-social when they are challenged and provoked. When someone is irritated, tarnished, subjugated to the core and pushed to the peripheries they would definitely bounce back and the fury of their anger might cause all possible damages which would remain incurable for a long period of time for both the parties.

For instance, when a break up happens between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, out of anger, frustration, with the feeling of getting humiliated and defeated there could be an emotional torture from either of the parties. If the guy is in the receiving end he would shout at the girl and pour out his anger on her for being ditched and in return the girl at first would start provoking and challenging the guy that he could do nothing against her and would challenge him to do whatever he could do unto her such as; the guy could defame her through social networking sites and in fact he could tell her parents that they were in a relationship all that. Basically the guy would not want to do anything of that sort but actually the girl is sending across the subliminal message that these are the possible things that he could actually do against her.

When a fight or misunderstanding breaks out, in order to irritate the other each party would start challenging and provoking the other. The other would challenge and provoke him telling that “you do unto me whatever you can”, you can’t even do anything unto to me, I remain unbeatable all that.  Telling all the unwanted comments the challenger in fact telling the person who is challenged that these are the possible things that one can do unto the other.

Whenever there is a dispute between two parties, each party should try their maximum to solve the disputes in a good note without causing the other any pain or hurt feelings. Before start hating the other, each one should think of the factor that was binding them together so long. If we fail to solve the issues amicable it will only give us ‘best enemy’ for a life time who was once upon our best friend.  We should be able to respect the feelings and personality of the other how much ever we were subjugated. However, it is very difficult to act prudently and settle the issues amicably when we are in that particular situation, emotionally moved.  

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