Friday, October 12, 2012

Everyone is normally abnormal

Well, all of us think that we are abnormally normal and we are perfect human beings when it comes to our psyche composition. But the truth is that everyone is abnormal in his or her own ways or on the other hand our particular abnormality does not require any kind of clinical treatment.   

Indeed, it is very difficult to define what normal status is. The more something remains tight and rigid the chance of getting it broken would be high. So it is nice to have some kind of crack so that the machine would function without further faults. It is nice to remain normally abnormal than getting into complete abnormality later on.  

Then, what is our notion of abnormality? We think that people who are clinically diagnosed and treated at the mental asylums are only abnormal, however by and large each one of us are abnormal. We always associate abnormality with clinical treatment but that is not the prerequisite to be considered as abnormal. Yes, to an extent we all are normally abnormal in our own ways.

A particular behavior is being clinically considered as abnormal when it becomes deviant behavior and it starts affecting the normal functions of an individual. As long as the particular behavior does not affect our normal functions and does not disturb people around us, it is no longer being considered as abnormality nor it needs any medication.

If we can closely observe our behavior, characters and mannerisms we would be able to find an element of abnormality in everything that we do. I learn that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in its insignificant degree, where in I tend to repeat the actions once done. For instance, though the doors at home are locked in the night, before I go to sleep going and rechecking whether the doors are closed is the trivial degree of OCD. This is not considered as a disorder because it does not affect my normal functions whereas OCD is clinically diagnosed when an individual keeps on doing the same action repeatedly without being able to concentrating on anything else.  

The most widely rampant abnormality is schizophrenia and the symptoms of this are illusion and hallucination and these are present in each and everyone of us in various degrees and that is the reason at times we feel that something was really present right in front of us like in the darkness a rope is being perceived as a snake and hear a sound like our name is being called out by someone.      

It would have been considered disorder, if I went on doing the same and my normal functions getting disturbed. So in its utmost sense, there is no significant difference between people admitted in mental asylums and we who are not admitted, both the parties have the disorders it is in various degrees though. The mental health of the individual is very delicate and at any point of time, an individual could lose his mental balance and become clinically abnormal.

So we shall not have any aversion and stereotypical notions towards our brethren who are admitted in mental asylums. Any individual can succumb to this kind of clinical situation the moment one loses his mental balance due to unprecedented incidents and shocks. Nevertheless, everyone is normally abnormal in various degrees.                 

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  1. Yes this true that whole human species is normally abnormal . Only Few enlighted human beings like Eckhart Toole can understand this. Go through this video of Eckhart Toole