Monday, November 11, 2013

Language has got more connotative meanings that it really denotes

Meenamma and I were strolling through one of the serene campuses of India, MCC College. With its greenery, scrub forest, herd of deer, peacock make the campus one of the most-sought-after campuses and that is what truly allures everyone to the campus. I had a bad habit of introducing my classmate-friends to my other friends in the campus. On this fine evening Meenamma and I were walking towards Principal's road and a friend of mine named Mejo came towards us and I greeted him with a smile and I told him, Mejo, “This is my girl friend, Meenamma.” Meenamma went flabbergasted, nervous and uncomfortable at least for a few seconds, although she knew that I have all these pranks in my stock. After a small pause, I continued, “she is my girl friend, friend who is a girl.”

Monday, November 4, 2013

Guy is brutally beaten up by girl trying to grab her chicken fry

Kochi, November 04, 2013: It is first of its kind incident occurring in Kochi. Sniffing out it was chicken and fish fry in Deepika’s (name changed) lunch box, Sudhi (name changed) tried to snatch away her lunch box was allegedly beaten up by her in the Swoparnika L.S bus, which makes it service from Pala to Ernakulam, here in Vyttila Junction. The incident occurred when the bus reached in Vyttila Junction at 8.45am on Monday. Both of them boarded the bus from Koothattukulam and were travelling in the bus. When the accused, Sudhi, was about to unboard at Vyttila tried to snatch away Deepika’s lunch box and Deepika who was on alert bet him severely and saved her lunch box.