Monday, October 31, 2011

Nothing is good or bad in itself

We always label and categorize things as good or bad but in actuality there is nothing  good or bad in itself. Either we can say everything is good or everything is bad, not like certain things are good and the others are bad. As a thing has got multipurpose and multiuse meticulous labeling of the thing as good or bad is of great difficulty.

It is our use, over use, how we use and for what purpose we use make things good or bad. The same thing can be used constructively and destructively so how can we label as it is good or bad so what makes a thing good or bad is, for the what purpose it has been used and what result it has elicited. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Men are adorned in modest apparels not women..........

As far as the dress codes of men and ladies are concerned, men follow the dress code not ladies. Men do wear decent dress and make good attire whereas ladies wear vulgar dress and try to woo the men.  The debate is how a man and lady ought to dress up. Both the parties ought to dress up the way the anatomy of their body expects from them.    

Men get stimulated by the sight of a lady. Men are always inclined to a lady, bodily, before they move into an emotional relationship. Without a bodily attraction men cant think of getting connected to a lady emotionally. On the other hand, women are stimulated by touch. It could be a bodily or an emotional touch. A man could talk to a woman in such a way that she is touched emotionally or could be by a bodily touch.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Did we have our religious freedom???

Part III of the Indian constitution deals with ‘Fundamental Rights'. One of the fundamental rights that the constitution of our country guarantees us is the freedom to practice any religion. But did we have the freedom to practice any religion in its absolute sense? We all are conveniently forced to follow a particular religion  to which currently we belong to.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christ was a revolutionary

The very entry of this revolutionary leader into this world was by splitting the entire era of history into two; AD and BC and no other leader would have made such an impact in the pages of history. Christ was a quintessential and charismatic leader above all His counterparts. If Jesus were not a revolutionary, He would not have challenged the unchallenged; questioned the unquestioned, and He would not have become the voice of the voiceless. He challenged the then existing laws, customs, traditions and authority that brought animosity upon Him. Because of his revolutionary speech and activities He did not get the acceptance as the Son of God among the people and finally his revolutionary activities could get Him three nails and land Him on the cross.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Symbolic Universe

All of us have created a symbolic universe within the real universe for us and most of the time we live in the figurative universe. We have created a small world of ourselves in intellectual and thought level and we happily live in there. We have made rules and regulations, customs and belief system for us to live in our symbolic universe and we ourselves are the implementers and practitioners of those laws and regulations and totally it is our space and we are the monarch over there.   

The most apt example of the symbolic universe could be the story of the koopa mandookam, the frog that lives in the well. The frog thinks that the well is the entire universe and there is no universe beyond the well. Many a time we are like that frog in the well that we have created a symbolic universe within our intellectual and imagination level and we think that is the real universe.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thoughts are always colourful

The thoughts we have about life and the life we live are entirely diverse. Our thoughts about life are always colourful but the life we live is always not fascinating. Thoughts are colourful because thoughts are the offshoots of the intellectual property and they remain in the realm of imagination but life is all about realism.

For instance; we always have a colourful notion about our life partner and whole marriage life but when we actually start living the married life, the life has to pass through real and hard core life realities and uncertainties and the life we live would be no way colourful as our notion about the partner and whole marriage life.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple that altered humanity

In the history of the world 3 apples have changed the entire destiny of the human race; first apple has religious significance, second apple has got scientific importance and the third apple has got technological magnitude.

First apple takes us back to the garden of Eden, where Eve was tempted by Satan with an apple and Eve was succumbed to the temptation, eating the apple Eve sinned against God and was thrown out of the garden of Eden. So the first apple brought a tragic end to human beings and it has a great relevance as far as Christianity is concerned.