Saturday, October 29, 2011

Men are adorned in modest apparels not women..........

As far as the dress codes of men and ladies are concerned, men follow the dress code not ladies. Men do wear decent dress and make good attire whereas ladies wear vulgar dress and try to woo the men.  The debate is how a man and lady ought to dress up. Both the parties ought to dress up the way the anatomy of their body expects from them.    

Men get stimulated by the sight of a lady. Men are always inclined to a lady, bodily, before they move into an emotional relationship. Without a bodily attraction men cant think of getting connected to a lady emotionally. On the other hand, women are stimulated by touch. It could be a bodily or an emotional touch. A man could talk to a woman in such a way that she is touched emotionally or could be by a bodily touch.
A woman is expected to dress up a certain way so that the man is not stimulated, the man is expected to dress up a certain way so that the woman is not stimulated. The woman shall not wear which is pertained unto a man and visa verse.

Before women pointing out their fingers at men for all the atrocities that is happening against them, they shall pause for a moment and have a glace of their dress style. Thus, the women would realize what is the root cause of all the sexual violence against them. As long as the men are stimulated by the sight of a lady and especially in the way the women dress up, the women need to be extremely modest and cautious in their dressing style. Because the greatest sin is to be a cause for the sin rather than committing the sin itself.  

Why the hell then the urban ladies wear revealing clothes, sleeveless, tight tops and bottoms to project their body parts, transparent clothes so as to expose the inner garments, deep neck so as to expose the cleavage, deep back so as to expose the flipside, low cut tops so to expose naval hole, tops with slits in each side at the bottom edge so as to expose hip. Such dressing style of the women is like placing a piece of  beef in front a dog and asking it to abstain from eating the beef. The very nature of hyperactive young ladies is to woo the men exposing their bodily parts and corresponding gestures.

The young ladies invite the troubles by way of their dressing style. Either they can dress up the way they wish and face the consequences or they should dress up in such a way that, it does not give sexual arousal in men. Whether it is man or women, both of them should have self respect and respect for their body and accordingly they should dress up. Because the human body is the temple of God, which is from God and it is not our own. Both men and women ought to have dress codes. Women especially should adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness.


  1. The reason for sexual discrimination in Delhi and Bombay is due to this. Yes, ladies also have their part in stimulating men.

  2. why do men rape ladies in sari's and chudidars then??when nothing is being revealed

  3. It is not necessary that the same women who make the sexual urges in men themselves become the victims. The man who gets sexually intoxicated viewing a naked woman in the screen might rape a lady whom he finds on the road side even if she is well dressed (Sari's or in Salar)