Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Symbolic Universe

All of us have created a symbolic universe within the real universe for us and most of the time we live in the figurative universe. We have created a small world of ourselves in intellectual and thought level and we happily live in there. We have made rules and regulations, customs and belief system for us to live in our symbolic universe and we ourselves are the implementers and practitioners of those laws and regulations and totally it is our space and we are the monarch over there.   

The most apt example of the symbolic universe could be the story of the koopa mandookam, the frog that lives in the well. The frog thinks that the well is the entire universe and there is no universe beyond the well. Many a time we are like that frog in the well that we have created a symbolic universe within our intellectual and imagination level and we think that is the real universe.

So there is a "real world" out there, outside our brain; and then there is the "symbolic universe" that has been built inside our brain. The real and the symbolic universe never match up completely, but they might correspond to a greater or lesser degree.

Many a time symbolic universe gives us an existence and a meaning for our life. Whenever we encounter with realities and uncertainties of life, it is here in this symbolic universe we take rescue.  

As the symbolic universe is within our intellectual and imaginary level we always love to remain there because the real universe is no way colourful as the symbolic universe. When we come to real universe most of us burn our fingers because life is totally different outside of our imagination and thoughts.  

The success of our life is how well our symbolic universe is matched up with  the real universe out there. We need to break our symbolic universe and should face what the real universe offers us. As long as we remain within the symbolic universe whatever we are doing is right and there is nothing beyond and we remain unquestioned and unchallenged.


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