Thursday, October 27, 2011

Did we have our religious freedom???

Part III of the Indian constitution deals with ‘Fundamental Rights'. One of the fundamental rights that the constitution of our country guarantees us is the freedom to practice any religion. But did we have the freedom to practice any religion in its absolute sense? We all are conveniently forced to follow a particular religion  to which currently we belong to.
In absolute sense we did not have the religious freedom to choose a particular religion rather we are falling in line with the religion that our parents have been practicing. As the constitution of the land envisages the freedom to practice any religion is not being practiced in Christianity. What is happening in Christianity is not the right practice. In this regard Christianity will have so many religious and spiritual arguments to put forth, however, the religion is only concerned about how more and more people could be added to the flock.

Any act of forcing one to follow a particular religion without his true knowledge and right consciousness can be termed as conversion. I have been trying to draw parallel lines between the freedom to practice any religion and  a new born child is being baptized in the Church. Despite the fact that the church has so many religious and spiritual arguments to make, in a way the baptism is a forced conversion happening. Because the child who is being baptized is absolutely not aware of what is happening, later when he is grown up if he is asked about the whole Christianizing process he would not have even a wag idea about it.

The child who is forced to become a Christian, has become one not because he loves the entire institution and its practices. He may continue to be a Christian because he does not want to annoy his parents and relatives by rejecting his faith in the religion. Irrespective of any religion, followers did not have the religious freedom in its absolute sense.

Every religion is concerned only with the number of followers one has got and not with the number of ardent believers. Therefore, within the four walls of each and every religion a new born child is convincingly added against his or her awareness into the religion by his parents and the religious leaders, putting forth religious and spiritual elements into the religious initiation which are sometime totally irrational.

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