Monday, October 10, 2011

Thoughts are always colourful

The thoughts we have about life and the life we live are entirely diverse. Our thoughts about life are always colourful but the life we live is always not fascinating. Thoughts are colourful because thoughts are the offshoots of the intellectual property and they remain in the realm of imagination but life is all about realism.

For instance; we always have a colourful notion about our life partner and whole marriage life but when we actually start living the married life, the life has to pass through real and hard core life realities and uncertainties and the life we live would be no way colourful as our notion about the partner and whole marriage life.

It is the case with all aspects of life. As our thoughts are the byproducts of our intellectual pursuit and imagination, our thoughts have wings and they freely fly in the valley of amusement  and cheerfulness keeping us glad.    

When we go through the tunnel of life realities and uncertainties we will be stunned to realize that life is full of realities and it is no way parallel to the wonderful thoughts we have had about life. If we set out to live our life the way we have imagined it is better that we remain in the realm of thoughts and imagination.  

We need to come out of the shell of colourful world that imagination and thought can propose us. The life belongs to those who live in reality not who are intoxicated with colourful thoughts and imagination.

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