Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Confession is more of counseling

Catholic Church used to be the supreme authority and the church had its influence in all walks of life weather it be science, medicine or politics. There was an excess influence of the church and no one could really get rid of it. Formerly, we did not have any formalized counseling centers to cater to the psychological needs of the people. Only in the later period we had different schools specialized coming up in different arena catering to the specific needs of common man; like clinical psychology and counseling.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The worker deserves his wage

The Bible says “a worker deserves his wagesLuke 10:7, and when it comes to giving the wage to the worker what he deserves the preachers of the same gospel tend to forget the gospel passage itself and pay the worker really less. By the preachers of the same gospel, here I mention the priests and higher authorities in the church.

The priests have only the habit of receiving the money and when it comes to giving the money which is not at all the end result of their toil and sweat why do they tend to pay very less and I am coming to the self-finance colleges run by priests where they really pay less to the lectures when it is compared with the huge amount of donation and fees that they charge from the students.