Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Women are equally culpable for the atrocities happening against them

As the responsible citizens of the society, both men and women should share the guilt and shame for the unprecedented atrocities that are happening against the women in the society. Men alone can’t be blamed for all these disgraceful actions against women instead there are women who are stealthily sponsoring all these kinds of atrocities though it is not deliberate.   

Of course, men are the doers of all these kind of sexual harassment against women, but what I feel is that the whole situation is more like “Placing a fish right in front of a cat and asking the cat to abstain from eating the fish.” Women and girls are inviting the troubles by way of their apparels and body language. The women who exhibit their sexually appealing parts would not be always the victims but any other woman or girl on whom the already sexually charged men release their sexual frustrations.

If we look into the root cause of all these attacks on women and young girls, we would understand that there are lots of home works that we should do as committed men and women of this society. In India we have our own culture and customs, as the end result of globalization and consumerism we are so obsessed with western culture and customs thus our women and girls started wearing western style of apparels which are sexually appealing and are not encouraging for our culture and heritage.

If not for not showing the sexually appealing parts of the women, why then the so called society-women and girls do wear such apparels which are absolutely unnecessary for them to have. If they are the ones who respect their own body and uphold the dignity of women they should not have done all these. The women project their bodily parts and they make themselves as ‘consumer goods’ available in the market and thus to get attracted to them.

We have been greatly influenced by advertisements and movies which are promoting the nudity and obscenity of women. Many women sell their nudity and make money out of that. Well, feminists and women fraternity would point out to the basic economic theory of when there is a demand there is a supply chain working but why can’t the women stop supplying the ‘goods’ and ‘service’ though there is a high demand curve. Don’t supply what is always demanded for.

We should feel ashamed the way the society-mothers bring up their girl children, the kind of apparels that they make them wear ever since they are little children. The girl children should be taught at their very young age that what kind of decent apparels they should be wearing to look decent than promoting them to wear the kind of apparels which would be revealing their bodily parts and in terms arouse sexual feelings in men.      

When the majority of women go by the general trend and fashion of life, the remaining session of women become the victims of all kinds of atrocities. The elite session of women are spreading sexual scandals and at the same remain safe in four walls of their abode with physical protection and social-financial security.

The women in the society should learn to voice out whenever there is any kind of attempt to take advantage of them sexually. The women need to react vigorously whenever there is any unpleasant treatment this would help to prevent the atrocities to a great extent.    

There are lots of home works that both men and women have to do as committed citizens of this nation before lashing out with criticism on men for all these atrocities happening against women. Than men and women accusing them each other for the cause of atrocities both the parties should engage in a working hypothesis.  

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