Monday, December 31, 2012

Red streets and prostitution centers should be legalized

The argument of red streets should be legalized would sound utter outrageous but in the wake of all the unprecedented atrocities against women in our state, I vehemently feel that red streets and prostitution centers should be legalized in Kerala for the people who are sexually lunatics. Thus, they can release their frustrations in the provided outlets and it would allow our own mothers, sisters and near and dear ones not being victimized for the sexual fantasies of those inhuman people. 

We should understand the merit of the argument of setting up red streets and prostitution centers; they are not to promote prostitution and other related customs. It should be in place if it can stop the unprecedented violence against women in Kerala to an extent. All the major metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai do have red streets and prostitution centers thus the crime against women in these states are less compared with that of Kerala.      

People shall not take out their sexual frustration on any and every girl that they find on the streets, let them go to the red streets and prostitution centers to release their sexual frustrations than attacking an innocent girl on the streets. We should understand why in the State Kerala there are end number of violence against women unlike Mumbai and Kolkata because the state does not have legalized prostitution centers and red streets unlike Mumbai and Kolkata thus these states do not have so many sexual harassment cases reported against women.  

However, setting up the red streets and prostitution centers are not the final remedy to this alarming condition but to an extent the increasing number of sexual violence against women can be stopped. At the same time, setting up the red streets and prostitution centers should not lead to another chaos of dragging women and young girls to the flesh business. At least for a few women, prostitution would be a self employment and means of income to sustain their family.

The whole objective of setting up the red streets and prostitution centers is to save our own mothers and sisters thus they are not being victimized and pushed to the trauma of the attack on them and bad name they would have to carry thereafter. It is to give a rightful place for our own mothers and sisters and not letting them to be the victims of other sexual violence…..

Men indulge in sexual related crimes should be castrated


  1. To sagebrush our sisters and mothers let's put somebody else's mothers and sisters in prostaitution is that what u mean ..fucking joking are you ? Lunatics should be severely punished and people should fear to misbehave to women and teach the next generation how to respect women and co living beings that is the only thing you can do if u would like better days ahead ..prostitution never s a job exactly..many are forced into it one way or the other you think the govt should make prostitute job a new profession for ladies ..immitataing good things from the west is acceptable but fucking prostitution is never a good thing was the oldest jobs coz kings and rulers wanted prostitute to feed their diet of those hungry ..we don't still leave in some fucking kings country ..everyone has the right to food,study and live side you worship lords durga, lekshmi, kali or whatever and then you want to make prostitutes to feed the hungry people ..the rich of course won't deliberately be pushed to prostitution ultimately it the poor who ll suffer ..the will suffer and rich can enjoy their meat with money ..coolest idea from some asshole pricks to solve the problem of sex assaults ..u need to think yourself ..shows ur mentality ..u respect ur mother sister and when it's others let them be prostitutes I ll save my family ..shame on you writer

  2. The best model would be the Dutch model: hold it closer, and control it: they seem to have made excellent progress so far, by making prostitution a legal and protected job category. Violence against women is very low, and so are other crimes (Prisons are being closed down because of low number of prisoners).

    Above all, a healthy attitude towards sex and sexuality is very, very important. We are still following the tenets made in the Victorian era, where the hypocrites did get a lot of action within 4 walls, but now, the same is spread by people who aren't getting any. I dare you to prove me wrong, because let's face it, we invented the Kama Sutra, FFS. And who enjoys it? The rest of the world. In ancient India, we used to have State-run brothels, where women of please were respected. (Read: the Tawaif culture). Premarital sex was pretty common too, but present literature conveniently excludes that part for fear of being "politically incorrect", again, a concept originating from a Victorian mindset.

    One of the biggest lies of the 21st century is that women don't like sex. Trust me on this one, they don't just like sex, they LOVE it, but don't say so in public because they fear for their reputation, in a culture marred by colonization. Proof: The population of India has exceeded 1.25 billion, set overtake China in a few decades. The world population has also increased from just 2 billion in the early 20th century to almost 8 billion at present. Are you going to tell me that the explosion is because of rape and test tube babies? Again, I dare you to prove me wrong.

    Nothing else seems to be working, so why not give legal regulated prostitution a chance?

    1. I pity your thoughts. When you said women love sex what you forget is that for no women sleeping with and getting exploited by an unknown male is their first choice. If women love it, they love it when they have sex with their loved one. Don't pity this argument by saying that there are women out there who loves it with strangers, just think of the percentage of it. Who even said this so called "big lie" to you? All living beings enjoy sex but not sexual exploitation.
      There's not even a single logic when you connect population explosion and prostitution. Are you kidding me? Population is increasing obviously because people have sex but how the fuck is that connected with legalising prostitution?
      When you talk about healthy sex, there are other better ways for it. Legalizing prostitution and bringing out red streets & brothels won't stop sex related crimes. Sex lunatics wouldn't have been called lunatics if they get satisfied by brothel houses and red streets. Again something which you need to know is that rape is not just sex and those bastard rapists don't just rape women for having sex. Rape is an act of exerting power and showing off their male ego. So legalising prostitution will not stop rapes.
      With your limited knowledge what you don't realise is that majority of the women who are prostitutes and who live in the red light area aren't there by their choice. Most of them are victims of human trafficking. Most of the women there are ill treated and are the illicit kids of the already existing prostitutes. These kids haven't even seen a world which is of any other color but of red. You may think legalising prostitution will put a stop to that but no, they won't. There are a lot more other people who are very much clean but they earn money through these women who sell themselves. So legalising it means easier money for them.
      And please get out your fantasy world were red light areas are all so fancy and any women who "love sex" can just work there get paid then live their lives as they wish. People still want their faces and identities to be clean. Any men who would go to these places wouldn't want their name to come out. So these prostitutes who have seen these faces will never be able to get out of these vicious circle of brothel houses and red lights. And in those amazing nations as you told who have legalised prostition please do compare their statistics with human trafficking (mostly imports), that is the proof that most of these prostitutes "by choice" or those women who "love sex" aren't really there by choice. Please before making such baseless comments do read upon the whole scenario.
      And you tell me when we are going to legalise prostitution will you accept it as a noble profession? I'll agree to you that day when you let your son marry a girl who's a prostitute.
      Please sir, get a bit more practical. In those states were red light areas are already established there hasn't been any decrease in sex crimes. Read upon the statistics. Legalizing prostitution is nowhere in the list of reasons for reduction of crimes.
      There I'm daring you broaden your thoughts.