Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear Sachin, it is not fair

It was not at all fair dear Sachin that you called it a day all on a sudden succumbed to the comments and criticisms on your recent performance. With your departure from one-day international, the essence of the game is lost and we have stopped watching the matches. It has been 23 years of your splendid performances and virtually writing all the records in your own name.

You should have treated us with your beautiful strokes and yet another wonderful one day international before you have actually called it a day. The millions of your fans are really shocked to believe that the last one-day you played was your final one-day international. You should have announced your departure from one-day international only after the upcoming Pakistan visit to the country so that we all could watch you playing your last one-day international that definitely would have been your best departure gift for your millions of fans.

It is the right of any mass of fans of any game to see their favorite player playing his final match and all the ardent fans would flow to the stadium and watch their finest sports man playing his last game and dear Sachin you have denied this special privilege to us and it is not nice of you and you have left us scattered. The standing ovation that we would have given you on your last one-day international when you would get back to pavilion having batted would have been the finest tribute that we could give you for all that you have been to one-day international and having made one-day international so special with your long presence.

Of course, you would be playing the test games but we would be really missing you playing your one-day international. You should not have succumbed to the arm-chair critics thus to call it a day so soon. You should have let them comment anything about your performance, you as a performer you always know your abilities so as we the ardent lovers of the game. It is not they who neither brought you to the game nor grow you and it was always your ardent love for the game and the nation.   

You always kept the game, a gentle man’s game and never you have been into any kind of controversies and you have been so special to all of us. We are really lucky to see you playing in flesh and blood and to the coming generation with utmost pride we will be able to tell that we lived in the era of a great legend, Sachin Tendulkar, we have seen his playing in flesh and blood.

Still so much of cricket is left in you and you should not have taken a sudden decision to retire from one-day international and your are indispensable in this format of cricket which kept this format of cricket widely popular. Even at the very sunset of your career you have written a recording of scoring 200 runs in one-day internationals in your name so still there is so much of cricket left in you. We salute you dear Sachin for having made us to be proud of this great national as well as having always kept the name of the nation high. 

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