Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rapist should not be hung unto death but castrated

In the wake of all these unprecedented atrocities against women, vehemently I feel that we need to have strong laws in place to stop the sexual violence against women. Though we have a well established judiciary system and all the wonderful laws to prevent from the crimes getting committed, the laws just remain in the judiciary papers without getting them really enforced. Our laws lack teeth and nails to chock the crimes and that is the very reason often the crimes getting committed repeatedly.

Hanging a person unto death would be the smallest punishment that could be given for a rapist for his offense instead the offender should undergo the mental agony, torture with the same velocity and with the magnitude of the crime committed. The death sentence would be an easy way of escapism for the rapist. The culprit should not have a sudden cessation. As it was echoed in the Delhi case “cut off their tools” would be probably the best solution.

Way back in 1979 Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer had advocated for clinical castration for the rape related crimes. Like in many states in US and other countries, clinical castration has been enforced as a law it should have been done in India. 33 years ago Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer could anticipate the impending rates of the rape and sexual violence against women. If it had been enforced as a law to a great extent we could have annulled this social evil.

The judiciary and laws should be dynamic and they should be amended according to the need of the hour to chock the alarming rates of crimes committed. I firmly feel that we should have such a punishment system that we have in Arabian countries where rigorous punishments are being enforced as per the magnitude of the crime committed that too without any delay. 

As it is always said “Justice delayed is justice denied,” in India it takes decades to make a verdict on any case and the culprits lead a comfortable and luxury life in jail at the expense of us, the money that is paid to the state exchequer as tax. The more the culprit is financially sound and has political influence, the lesser is the punishment for him for the crime committed.

I was shocked to listen to what Sonia Gandhi was commenting on the demise of the Delhi gang raped victim that she would be getting justice. What kind of justice she would be getting and what did Sonia Gandhi mean by justice in that context?? If she meant bringing her culprits before the law and punishing them, I feel sorry for her. The least justice that Sonia Gandhi as a leader of the ruling party could guarantee is that no such crime is being repeated.    

If we can closely observe the rape cases reported, we can clearly comprehend that it is the uneducated and uncivilized men of the society indulge in such gruesome rape cases and murders.

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