Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mass Contact Programme of Oommen Chandy just a political game

The much hyped mass contact organized by Shri.  Oommen Chandy takes us back to the period of old kingly rule where the King used to meet his people (praja) on special occasions and seeking their needs, he fulfilled their wishes in terms of money and material goods. In a democratic system of government, it is not the way that the government should function, when we have a well established administrative hierarchy and various departments to look into the matters concerning the people and implement solutions.

Here, Oommen Chandy is being portrayed by himself and his close allies as a great King where all underprivileged and marginalized people should be waiting for him pleading; hand folded, for his mercy thus, pleased with their gesture he would shower his blessings upon them in terms of financial aid and material goods.  

A great leader would be the one who would be dividing the responsibility among his colleagues not singlehandedly doing everything. I strongly feel that the much glorified mass contact that is being organized by Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy is a mere a show off to establish himself as an egalitarian leader. Is he the only ultimate emancipator of the suffering people of Kerala? He should be focusing more on policy making and its implementation which would concern a larger session of society than going after the trivial cases. 

If he has to run the show all alone, why do we have leaders representing various constituencies? Is he trying to prove that MPs and MLAs are good for nuts and he is the only true leader who knows the heart of his people? We have such a wonderful administrative hierarchy where he could easily get the things done. There are MLAs, District Collectors, Tahsildars, Village Officers, Panchayath Presidents under him to do all these kind of menial works and he being the CM just needs to promulgate orders for that.

What is easy, a group of experts giving ears to the concerns and worries of underprivileged and marginalized or a single man alone handling it. The latter would be too much time consuming and person would go fatigue as he moves from one case to another it becomes increasingly monotonous and impassive.  

A Chief Minister can easily get the same things done giving strict orders to District Collectors or his MLAs where they would have the clear picture of the scene and aid would reach to the most deserved people. The second mass contact is being organized with the objective to work on his lost image which was stained by his alleged involvement in solar scam, with Saritha S Nair and Salu Menon and the unending woes that has been prevailing in the UDF camp where the allies always fight each other.    

The amount of money required to organize such a big mass contact is enormous and if it would be conducted in respective constituency by the particular MLA the whole progamme would not involve huge resources and number of personnel and that much amount could be saved and distributed among the needy. Moreover, people would not have to wait so long to express their grievances and concerns to the concerned person.We always get to hear that he has attended so many cases and how many percentages of cases are actually solved is never disclosed. (My last vote was for UDF Party)     

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