Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If we could anticipate the catastrophe – we would be better equipped to handle it

Life is always a blend of both happiness and sorrows as there is a sunlight for a rain and there is a mountain for a valley. When we are obsessed with people and things we are unlikely to foresee the other side of the coin as in the kind of catastrophe that could occur other way around. If we could anticipate emotionally the misfortune that is about to hit us we will be better equipped to handle when it really hits us with a sudden turnaround of things.  

Life is not a bed of rose flowers alone and it has both happiness and sorrows to offer us. When we live in a blissful state, where life is offering us all the comforts and luxuries and keeping us comfortable and at ease, we have no clue about how it would be, if things are entirely paradoxical on a fine morning. Failing to see the other side of the coin, would really devastate us and from the sudden mental shock we would not be able to come out thus, our ruin would be certain.

Recently a college boy studying in a college in my town met with an accident and died everyone came to know that he was survived with a girl friend from a different religion. The girl could not accept the fact that his boyfriend died and she was emotionally broke. The ultra depression and trauma led her to commit suicide.

We need to be realistic in life that anything has a beginning as well as an end, eventually everything would come to an end. Our sorrows would turn into happiness and happiness into sorrows. When lovers are in a world of fantasy and dreams they are totally blind and not in a realistic disposition to forecast the disaster that would eventually follow them thus, when something goes wrong they easily get emotionally disturbed unable to handle the situation and end up committing suicide. 

Eventually there could be break up in the case of both lovers as well as married couple and both the parties should be aware of the fact that break up is not something that is happening for the first time in their case alone but it is happening around them. The break up could occur by both internal and external issues like the untimely demise of the other party or the fight between the other. To avoid the physical as well as emotional absence of the other person one has to anticipate the catastrophe.

The absence of presence of the other and mental preparedness about the absence of presence of the near and dear ones would help us when they are really absent from our life due to untimely death or break up. Anything may happen to the other but the show has to go on as in our life has to go on because there are people who solely dependent upon us for their needs and happiness and we should not put them in a misfortune state.      

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