Wednesday, October 30, 2013

“I have no boyfriend;’ for you have had five boyfriends, and the one you have now is not your boyfriend.

The above anecdote from Holy Bible is being contextualized and rewritten in the today’s scenario where a good percentage of Bangalore Malayali Christian girls are reliving the life of the Samaritan woman whom Jesus confronts when she came to draw water from the well. The Holy Gospel according to St. John Chapter 4, word-cycles from 1 to 40 narrate the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman.   

A Samaritan woman came to draw water and she was having discussion with Jesus on living water and their conversation went on and on meanwhile, Jesus asked the Samaritan woman “Go, call your husband, and come back.” The Woman answered him, “I have no husband.” Jesus said to her, “You are right in saying, “I have no husband;’   for you have had five husbands, and the one you have now is not your husband. 

I think, at least a good percentage of Bangalore Malayali Christian girls would be in the same shoes of the Samaritan woman. The Bangalore’s soothing culture of living relationship and cohabitation create a world of fantasy and lust for the Malayali Christian girls who are immigrating to the garden city for their higher studies and job. Lured with the comforts and sexual pleasures, at least a few of them who are sexually hyper active live a life that of the Samaritan woman. The sexually hyper active girls getting into end number of relations with the same easy of changing a dress they change their boyfriend.
Lured by hyper sexual urges and hysterical status, most of them actually do not know what they are into really and how they are being perceived by people in and around them. As it is said, familiarity breeds contempt, an affair with a boy does not last long as they lose the affection and sexual satisfaction from him. So they immediately go for a replacement. In most of the cases, in their subjective understanding girls do not know what they are up to and these girl need clinical treatment and counseling to bring them back to normality. As any psychopath they also would not be aware of their status nor accept the psychosomatic problem (hyper sexuality) of keep switching and trying different boys in fixed intervals. 

The girls who are hyper sexual and hyper active would not find sexual satisfaction from a single boy so they would be switching and trying different boys and these kinds of girls always need a guy around. To speak it plainly, these kinds of girls who are after different dick suiting to gratify their sexual urges need clinical treatment to bring them to normal sexual life and society. If a few of them keep switching for their sexual satisfaction and some of them would be hunting smart, good looking and financially sound guys. When the girls learn that the other guy is smarter and financially sound than the current one they just switch to the other guy.  

A couple of such girls would defame the enter flock of Bangalore Malayali Christian girls though all the girls are not so. For the sexually hyper active girls it is a matter of great pride that they have had sex with 5 or even more number of guys and when they are asked who is their boyfriend they would fume not having anyone specifically to point out. It is always easy for a girl to woo a man with her anatomy, bodily gestures and talks compared to a man wooing a girl, so it is easy for the girl to get into relationships. If girls are willing there would be guys to fall for them but not vice versa. 

In the wake of the unprecedented butchering of little kids by young mothers to go with their boyfriend in Kerala substantiates the Samaritan woman phenomenon. The ‘Samaritan woman’ phenomenon is there everywhere not exclusively in Bangalore alone. It has been prevailing in every corner of the world and it does not just exist in the Christian religion alone. This kind of Samaritan woman is there everywhere.  

The Christian guys migrated to the garden city is not entirely different from those sexually hyper active girls and some of the guys go after girls is like dogs are madly after the bitches in their ‘mating season’ (Kanni Masam, September to October). Our society being patriarchal, guys going astray and getting into series of relationship with girls is acceptable but not girls though. It is always nice to have a discipline and modesty in sexual life for both the parties. It is nice for the unmarried youngsters to remain immaculate.   

There is a great disparity in calling a guy, flirt and calling a girl, flirt. There exists great distinction though the same noun is used to address both the parties because of the gender differences, stereotypical notions and social stigma. So there is a great difference in addressing a guy fucker (even if he actually goes around fucking) and calling a girl slut (even if she sleeps with everyone) as well. 

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