Monday, November 4, 2013

Guy is brutally beaten up by girl trying to grab her chicken fry

Kochi, November 04, 2013: It is first of its kind incident occurring in Kochi. Sniffing out it was chicken and fish fry in Deepika’s (name changed) lunch box, Sudhi (name changed) tried to snatch away her lunch box was allegedly beaten up by her in the Swoparnika L.S bus, which makes it service from Pala to Ernakulam, here in Vyttila Junction. The incident occurred when the bus reached in Vyttila Junction at 8.45am on Monday. Both of them boarded the bus from Koothattukulam and were travelling in the bus. When the accused, Sudhi, was about to unboard at Vyttila tried to snatch away Deepika’s lunch box and Deepika who was on alert bet him severely and saved her lunch box.

Deepika is a software engineer working in Infopark later told that “I would not have cared if he tried to snatch away my money valet or mobile phone but trying to snatch away my chicken and fish fry can’t be tolerated and it is utter outrageous act from his side when it was cooked by loving mother specially for me. Anything and everything will be forgiven but not making an attempt to snatch away my chicken and fish fries.” 

The smell of the fried chicken and fish would have leaked into the bus and that is how Sudhi sniffed out that there is chicken and fish fry in her lunch box. Sudhi is seriously injured and admitted in Medical Trust Hospital told that “I am not a trouble maker nor wanted to endanger the girl but the smell of fried chicken and fish engulfed in the bus was so alluring and it was salivating in mouth throughout the journey and I could not help but snatch the lunch box with chicken and fish fries.”  

As it was not a deliberate attempt to attack a girl, the incident raised the eye brows of the police department and legal authority that under which session a case could be registered against Sudhi. The covetousness for chicken landed him on hospital bed and he has to remain admitted in the hospital at least for one week. It is learnt that the girl holds a black-belt in Karate and as she has no complaint, no case is registered against him yet. The co-passengers reported that the girl brutally sent her attack on the simple reason that he tried to snatch away her lunch box and her attack was inhuman and totally unacceptable.   

(It is just a satirical news story on a friend of mine having told me it was chicken fry for her lunch)

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  1. There was a scope for news in this, but this incident didn't came to our notice.