Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Right and wrong are relative

In the absolute sense we can’t say that a particular thing is right and the other is wrong, both right and wrong are relative. The right and the wrong depend on the intentionality of the person, situation and geographical territory. That is the very reason we don’t have a universal code of ethics or laws.

What is right for us may be right for others. It is determined by our views and philosophy of life. So we never can make the declarations that we are right and others are wrong.

In a simple example if a person happens to kill someone for his self protection, his action of killing a person can be justified in the perspective of right of the former to live, but in divine law he has committed a big mistake that he has put an end to a life that God has set.

Have we ever thought that why we don’t have universal laws and codes of ethics on different countries. Even in the censorship we follow different norms, the kind of censorship norms that Hollywood follows can’t be followed by Bollywood because the Indian culture is different from that of western.

Recently in some countries the gay right is legalized by the promulgation of laws, but it is not in the case with all the countries. Same as in a few countries we have capital punishment prevailing. So we can’t argue out that what we have done is right and others have done is wrong, but both of these are relative.

Right and wrong are relative on time and space. In one point of time a particular action can be justified as right but later in the course of time the same action might be justified as wrong. The relativity depends on the time. The space again means the geographical differences like country to country.

When lovers break up the boy may be right not to end the relationship with his ways same as the girl would be right in her own ways to put an end to the relationship, so now the question is where is the meeting point of rightness and wrongness. Where we can draw the line and put an end to the relativeness of right and wrong.

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