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Monday, January 3, 2011

Viewed differently

I have been pondering over and again that why we are viewed differently by people even if we don’t show polarities of characters and behaviours. We always remain same with everyone in terms of our character but for a few we are bad people and for others we are good.

We do come across people who love us a lot as well as people who hate us. Why we are good to a few and bad for the rest of the people? For a few we are their best friends but others biggest enemies. I don’t get an answer for my existential crisis; nevertheless, I have two hypothetical answers to arrive at.

Some people associate their goodness with the goodness that is within us, so for them we are good people and the others associate their badness with the badness that is within us, for them we are bad people. Therefore, we are viewed differently by people.

There are people who always see goodness in others for them we are always good and there are people who always find fault with us and for them we are always bad people. Therefore, we are viewed differently by people.

In friendship there is always a chemistry working. If the chemistry does not work within two people they can’t be friends and the improper chemistry makes them enemy. Therefore, we are viewed differently by people.

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