Sunday, January 30, 2011

We are not one but two

The ideologies of joint family and having multiple children have perished and gave way for nuclear family. Now it is the time of nuclear family, and the slogan followed is hum ek hume ek. The ever growing population and inflation have forced the married couple to have a single child policy whether it is male or female.

In this scenario having a twin brother is such a wonderful thing in this world, that too identical twins, that too of same gender. Yes, I am blessed to have an identical twin brother. I have an elder brother too. I am said to be 5 minutes senior to him. There are three fruits yielded in my parents’ marital life, one a single fruit and two identical fruits.

The identical twins are formed when one ovum getting split into two identical parts and form two babies and this happens very rarely. This is what happened in our case too. What is the force that caused the split of a single ovum into two equal parts and thus two babies are born? I am forced to believe that it is some divine intervention.

In the case of, we identical twins, there are so many uniqueness. Whenever one got any illness automatically the other also used to get it, in the childhood we used to fight a lot, later when I think about it now I understand that that is how twins used to be in their childhood.

Identical twins always confuse people in identifying them with their similarities. Their relatives and friends are always confused in identifying the identical. There are occasions even the parents get confused in identifying them, if the parents get confused how much ever more others would get confused.  

Till the age of 15 (finish the 10th standard) we were together. Though normally twins have equal taste and aptitudes, after 10 we travelled in two different directions in case of education and career. I joined in a discipline whereas he did his hotel management plus tourism management. I quit the discipline (the fact is reaffirmed that twins having same taste) and perusing my studies in the late years. For me it has been 13 years of wandering and staying away from home.

Now both the twins are at MCC. When I say both of us are at MCC one is a lecturer and other is a student. My twin is in Munnar Catering College and I am at Madras Christian College. I hope that my 13 years of wandering would come to an end by the completion of my PG studies.

Though we two directions after our 10th standard we are back into almost same taste and interests.  There are twin guys marrying twin girls how wonderful occasion that one gets to witness. At the end what is ideal is Twins marrying Twins.    

This article is dedicated to my twin on our birthday that’s 31st of January.  

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