Monday, January 10, 2011

Truth in our perspective

Whenever we have to tell a truth, it is told in our perspective. If at all we have to reveal a truth we tell it in favour of us, thus the truth that is told by us is always in our perspective and that is not the truth ultimately.

None of us endanger ourselves and say the truth so that truth shall thrive and truth shall win always. We won’t tell people the truth rather we tell truth in our perspective that our image and personality shall not be affected by the truth so our truth is a glorified truth,
a truth that glorifies our mistakes.

If at all we tell people the actuality of any incident we involved in, what we tell others would not be the actuality, it will be personified, manipulated and fabricated version of the truth. We are not great Mahatmas to stand for the truth so that the emancipation of the other shall be possible.

We always remain in a safe zone and try telling people the truth for the sake of telling something about the incident. If we get to listen to people involved in a particular incident, definitely we will get to hear different version of the incident as well as different versions of the truth because each one would be tell the truth safeguarding oneself and blaming the others involved in the incident.

Thus, the truth that is told by us is not the truth rather it is truth in our perspective; glorified, personified, manipulated and fabricated version of our mistakes and pointing out others as contempt.

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  1. Its self preservation, its our natural instinct to protect ourselves from harm in any way possible. but at the same time it could just be human inability to accept the blame for anything, even when they are at fault they'll never admit it until their lives are threatened.