Friday, January 21, 2011

Weakness is strength

In Shakespearian Hamlet, Hamlet says “Fragility thy name is woman,” yes, the fragility makes woman what she is. Weakness and strength are both paradoxical words, it may not go hand in hand giving a meaning. However, it is an attempt to use both paradoxical words and establish a significant hypothesis.
For woman her weakness itself is her strength, again it would be remaining satirical but the fact remain proved that woman’s weakness is her strength. Her weakness gives her a protective layer so that she can safeguard herself from all possible dangers like molestation and sexual harassments.

Woman uses her weakness as her weapon to fight against men and safeguard herself. There is woman who makes her weakness for her safety but there are women who make use of the weakness to gains their selfish needs.
For an instance in any crowd if a woman raises her voice against molestation and bad behaviour from the part of men, definitely the woman would have edge over the accused. Her weakness is her trump card and always she has advantage to get justice and a happy living environment.

Woman is blessed with a wonderful ability that is nothing but her art of crying. Woman’s art of crying helps her in a great extent to get her justice done. In any instance rolling down of tears would justify her stand more precisely.

People are forced to believe whenever any woman cries in tears and tells anything. There are stories in history wherein women have turned down great kingdom as well as men with their so called weakness. There are cases wherein women have spoiled the marital life of couples, telling wife all the fake stories about her husband.

Her weakness got her so many constitutional provisions and legal rights. Women have 33% reservation in Parliament, 33% means that at least they should be given 33% but they can go up to 100%. There are special compartments in trains, special seats in bus and even special trains for women.

Women’s reservation should be understood on the ground that they can avail equal rights as men have and are enjoying, beyond all these they have special reservation and constitutional provisions.   
There are sets of women who make use of their weakness as a trump card for good motives like to safeguard themselves from all possible dangers like molestation and sexual harassments. But the sad part is that there is a set of women who make use of their weakness to gain their wrong motives and defame men and put them behind bars.

Hello, men attention please, we need to be extremely careful in dealing with these creatures of weakness because there are hell lot of laws and constitutional provisions to safeguard these said to be weak creatures but all powerful with the weakness.  

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