Friday, January 28, 2011


Human service is always intangible. Often we try to buy the intangible human services with our material commodity as well as our money. 

An art is always intangible but when that is sold in a particular price we challenge its intangibility and make it into a mere commodity
that could be purchased with tangible money. So when we possess any intangible service with our tangible money; we make the intangible service a material that could be sold and bought in the market.

The human service loses its intangibility and becomes a tangible substance that could be sold and bought with a specific market value. So we reduce the intangible service into a mere material thing.

Any invention by scientists is a great service to humanity. Thomas Alva Edison invented electric bulb, he invested his precious time, energy and money, thus after so many years of hard work and trial and error method he invented electric bulb.

His great invention remains intangible but we buy the bulb giving Rs. 15. When we bought the bulb we reduced his whole invention of inventing a bulb is reduced into a product that is just worth of Rs. 15, thus, the intangibility of the product is lost and it became tangible.

In our life journey we get reduce to mere tangible goods and this is done by our own friends and people around us, when we get the things done we give them a treat as token of our gratitude rather remuneration. We reduce his intangible service (help) to a tangible treat which is worth of Rs. 100 or so.

So never we can measure and pay for the amount of help and service we receive from people around us, in terms of our tangible offerings and treats. Human service is always beyond money and tangible things. We should learn to value human service and help in return than trying to pay back with money and tangible goods.

We shall not destroy the intangibility of human service and help with our tangible offerings and money. Let us always keep human service intangible and respected.  

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