Monday, January 24, 2011

Violence against men

Newton, in his law of motion, has clearly stated that every action has got equal and opposite reaction. I think his law of motion does not exist in the world of physics alone it is applicable in our real life as well. There were times when violence against women was prominent, now it has an opposite reaction wherein there is violence against men is happening.

Newton said it right, every action has got equal and opposite reaction. Men used to molest, harass, sexually assault, make use of them for his pleasure and cheat them. Now the scenario has been changed wherein now men are made use for women’s pleasure and men are cheated and thrown out after the use.

Women pretend to be nice and attract men with their sexual gestures. Women make use of men for their physical gains and satisfy their sexual pleasures, once their needs are satisfied they just leave the men. Whether it is love relationship or marital women cheat the men, women initiate break up and divorce respectively.

There are men who are tormented and filed illegal cases against them by women. In many marital relationships women order things and rule over men, men are left with no choice other than being totally obedient to them.
The men who took the relationship seriously is made fools and left in utter depression and trauma. In the recent times men take relationship seriously, for women relationship is a place where they can get their needs fulfilled.

I think women empowerment turned everything up and down and made the men seated in the receiving end.  I think because of the excess empowerment our women are over empowered. Thus, the over empowered women started to dictate terms to men and started giving back everything (take revenge)for what they have been receiving from men.

Liberalism and economical equality opened a new horizon for women, where women are free birds. Formerly men used to be the sole bread winner of the family so women had total dependability on men. Now women also are bread winners and equally earn as men do so they do not feel like to be dependent on men thus, women are self dependent and decide everything for themselves.

Whom should men tell the stories of violence against them? Men are known for their chauvinism so never they want to tell the stories of violence against them by women. Telling the stories of violence to others would make them ashamed of themselves. Men are viewed as strong and courage by the society so they have to face everything without any complaints.

There is no legal system to safeguard men from the violence from women. Men do not have any grievance cell or any higher authority from where justice can be sought. Poor men suffer everything silently. It is women’s rule and Kali Yuga. Everything bounce backs to men.      

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    see this sanil!! but ya.. see.. it is a giant wheel... if u go up, you have to come down.. :) and again go up... if this is understood, life will be smooth.. if we purchase a luxury car, we should be ready to pay for its hight cost spare parts.... likewise, if we love women, should we do this?? i mean, we gave it to them , we get it back nw.. jus wat your entry suggests.. patience is the key, and it should be practised among both! :)

  2. yes you are just complimenting my point...