Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“To that heaven let my country awake”

Academic exercises can, at best, suggest solution but never it can be put into practice. Handful of things first come in the form of theory and later when it is put in practice many a time it remains as theory without any pragmatic value. Indian constitution remains as a theory rather a well written document.
Forefathers of our nation dreamt of India as a great Democratic Republic country thus Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950 but different parties and different political leaders took the constitutional rights for their own benefits thus the general public is denied even their basic rights.   

Our constitution guarantees all the rights to all the citizens but now our constitution is a constitution of a privileged few; it is a constitution of people who having power and money it is no more a common man’s constitution. The people who are in power and who are rich always manipulate laws in favor of them to safeguard themselves and their interests.  

The very crude example is what is happening with Binayak Sen, he is charged against sedition and put behind bars without any kind of trails and there is no adequate evidence to prove that he is guilty. What he did was he has strongly criticized the government on human rights violations during the anti-Naxalite operations, while advocating non-violent political engagement. In May 2007, he was detained for allegedly supporting the outlawed Naxalites.

Last year the country witnessed endless scams and where are all those people gone? We have not seen any legal action taken against them than just removing from the official post they were bearing. They were removed from the posts that too because of the agitation of the opposition parties.     

It is always said that rebels are not born but they are created by the society. If the constitution can’t tackle the issues of the people and if it caters the needs of those privileged ones, it would lead to a scenario wherein common man, the very common man will start implementing the laws.

The movie A Wednesday also speaks about such a common man who was forced to take the law in his hand and seek for justice. As Naseruddin Shah says, “I AM A STUPID COMMON MAN and JAB GHAR MAI COCKRACH AA JATA HAI TO AP KIA KERTE HAIN? USSAY PAALTAY HAIN? YA USSAY PAUN SE FAUREN MAARTAY HAIN?”

What about the Rathore in Ruchika molestation case and what is happening with Aarushi Talwar murder case? All these show the decay of the constitution and the democracy.  

How long a common man can tolerate all these kinds of injustices happening right in front of his eyes; where the culprits easily escape from the clutches of laws? A 29-year-old man named Utsav Sharma attacked Rathore in Ruchika Molestation case, when the judiciary failed to implement justice and Aarushi Talwar's father was attacked outside the court with a sharp-edged weapon by the same man.

In this backdrop this Great Nation is celebrating its 62nd Republic Day today sparking a patriotic fervor in our hearts, reminding us of our glorious history, our rich culture and heritage. It is a day to remember and honour our heroes. It is a day to renew our pledge to protect and cherish our motherland.

We can’t set apart a day like republic day, republic day is the day which sends a message across the country that every citizen of the country has all the constitutional right and everyone is equal before law. Thus it is a day that has to happen every day guaranteeing equal constitutional right and justice to every citizen of the country.  

What we as a common man of this country can do is that in our own situations, we will try to upheld justice and constitutional rights. Because our word or deed no one shall be deprived of justice and constitutional rights. The real freedom is where; fulfillment of our freedom does not curtail the freedom of others.   

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