Saturday, January 1, 2011


Whenever we have a new person in our life or a thing we wholeheartedly embrace both of them and we become obsessed with and later fed up and we get aridity of people and things. Thus, newness for the person and things are lost in our life.
For example, when lovers get into love relationship, there is always a feeling of newness surrounded at the beginning. For the guy the girl is everything and vice versa, as the relationship grows, the problems start evolving, the familiarity breeds contempt and the newness for the other is lost and relationship is at stake. Because the first impression is gone about the person, small uneasiness and small ideological changes make the other contempt.

It is same with a new laptop or mobile, in the first few months we will be extremely careful about our electronic gadget but when a few pass by, we lose the newness for the thing and we just start using the thing roughly because the infatuation for it, is over because we have used it over and again and the thrill for it is gone.

Options for people in the case of lovers and married couples cause the loss of newness. When they have a feeling of better other existing lovers and married couples go for the better ones rather than getting entangled with the current ones and it is same case with the procession of electronic gadgets, availability of the new gadgets loosen the interest and newness in what we have currently.  

Very often this kind of loosing of newness in our life happens, because in long run never we can keep the interest sustained; things turn around and end up in big calamity that is the very reason love relationships and marriage end up in utter mess.

The loosing of newness, leads people to go for relationship and buying new gadget. See the buying habit of the consumer for goods, the newness for the latest mobile BlackBerry would be lost and when there is something better out there in the market.

Feeling of newness leads guys and girls to get into new love relationship leaving the current relationship because newness is tested in the course of time and space. That is the reason why in love relationships girls manage more than one boyfriend and vice versa, in extra martial relationships husband having affair with other woman and vice versa.

The question remains when the newness is tested over the period of time and space, how we can keep the newness for people and things keep sustained and alive? Seeing the goodness and a fresh mind approach might help us to keep the newness sustained over the period of time and space.

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