Friday, December 31, 2010

Centred on decisions

What we are and what we do now is based on our past decisions. When I say decision it does not mean an action which involves so much of time affecting so many number of people. At the end of the day any action that we perform is based on our own decision.

It was my small decision to write this blog and if you are reading this blog it is your decision to read it. So any action that we do is ultimately our decision, when I say all the actions performed by us is our decision I simply exclude the reflex actions that our body undertakes.

Our whole life is based on the small decisions that we take each day. We have our day to day decisions for our daily routine which does not take so much of time for us to decide. For the major incidents we need to take decision accurately. In order to take such decision, adequate thinking process and reflection have to go into our decision process.

We can’t blame others for our wrong decisions, if we need any clarification about things we should be humble enough to seek the opinion of experienced people rather than end up taking wrong decision and suffer in our life.

There are students who decide to join for a course which may not suit them at all. There are youngsters who have opted for a job which may not go with their qualifications and academic backgrounds. There are lovers end up choosing wrong partners and make life a mess. There are marriages fixed on wrong decisions of both the parties. Therefore, life could be a collage of wrong decisions.

Some of the taken decisions give us a room to reconsider the already taken decision and help us make adequate amendments. But there are decisions which are end in themselves, and its bad effects remain upon us always.

Whenever we need to take a decision which has a long lasting effect in our life, adequate thinking process and reflections should be gone into our decision making process. As our life is based on our decisions whether it is small or big decisions let us be prudent in deciding and make our life colorful and happy.

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