Monday, December 27, 2010

Half century of centuries at Centurion

Sachin always decorates himself with his records and achievements, on 19th of December we witnessed another world record; Sachin completed his half century of centuries in test cricket at Centurion. The whole world was eagerly looking out
for the little master to deliver and finally he made it.

Apparently, India lost the test to South Africa for innings and 25 runs, Sachin’s century could not help India save the test. But it is very remarkable that he rose to the occasion when his team wanted him to deliver, he did it, and perhaps Sachin could save this test if there were any tail ender to give him a support, at the end of the day he remained not out.

We all expected at the presentation ceremony that Sachin would be given some special milestone award but this remained unnoticed whereas two South African blowers were given special award for completing their 100 wickets in test cricket. But Sachin was denied that too. If he would have made this milestone rather record here in India there would have been a procession of awards and felicitation followed.

Sachin can be personified as a “Wine getting better and better as getting older and older.” It is his the best calendar year throughout his entire 20 years of cricket life that comes towards end of his cricket career.

The critics always argue that Sachin is never a match winner but he is always a match saver.

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