Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jam jam traffic jam

None of us are left free of this issue and are gone unaffected. We all do have our own bad experience of traffic mess. When we are in the jam the only thing we can do is murmuring and yell at others in our mind.

Traffic jam is an issue that can’t be tackled anyways, as the population explosion never ends the number of vehicles on the road is never going
to be decreasing rather the number can only increase. How many ever under passages and over bridges are built across, the traffic jam will have no end and it is a perennial problem.

Traffic jam costs us a lot in terms of our precious time, energy and wealth. Traffic jam challenges our being punctual and doing things on the correct time. Take the plight of any city in India, no city is an exception to this mess. No city can have an ultimate solution for this.

In India we have such a mismanaged traffic system. Our drivers themselves contribute to the already existing traffic jam like when the vehicles are at traffic halt, if they find a single gap in between they would try placing their vehicles there and as the result they would create a traffic dead lock, no one would be ready to adjust and there starts the fight without moving their vehicles thus, the traffic jam is testified.

Many of our cities are not planned and structured so as the roads in the city. Indian cities have evolved than it is constructed so the roads we have in the cities are not suiting to the traffic and the roads are very congested. Even if the government takes effective steps in evacuating the people who dwell in the occupied lands it is very difficult to chase them and that remains as a stumbling block for road developments.

In case of owning private vehicles, I think we should have a Marxist policy, the policy of owning a private vehicle should be abolished. Even if we have private vehicles, no private vehicles should be allowed on the roads, especially during the peak hours of traffic. Do not you think that the number of private vehicle likes cars and sophisticated jeeps create so much traffic jam? We should have more number of public transport systems with a cheap fare and people should go for this, which is cheap.

Imagine, a single person travelling in a private vehicle for his comfort, if such 10 private vehicles could be replaced by a public transport vehicle, the number of vehicles could be reduced from the roads would be large.

In India we can’t have a law like abolishing of private vehicles, we do need to owe private vehicles but we should limit the use of private vehicles in time of ever-increasing fuel prices. Our using of public transport system can help the government more revenue from this department.

At the end of the day, each one of us cause to the traffic mess, our appropriate selection of transport system can reduce the traffic jam and help people save their precious time and energy for effective use.

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