Thursday, December 30, 2010

Room for improvement

There is always a room for improvement in whatever things we do. We being finite beings can’t have infinite outcome from our actions, so whatever we do is finite but always there is a room for improvement.

The things we have done would sound good and perfect
in a particular frame of time but when the performed action crosses a particular time and span it loses its significance and relevance. That is the reason why whenever we get a chance to redo our own works we go ahead with it without any kind of hesitation.

If any Oscar winning director given with a stand to rework on his Oscar winning moving and asked to bring about changes in it, he would definitely go ahead with a redo. No art work can stand against the factor called time, and test against time.

When a director watches his own movie after a decade, the frame work in which he made the movie and the frame of time when he watches it later are different, so things that he thought were good and relevant may not make any sense in the recent time so if given a chance he would rework on it and make it time relevant and context relevant.

Our human journey is from imperfections to perfections, so always we need to do and redo our actions to get it better. Let us always keep the room for improvement open before us. We learn it from doing and redoing.

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