Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting confined

Our life journey is confined to people and things. The confinement makes our life reduced to particular persons or things that restrict our freedom to move around and go beyond in having a new world view.

The very logic why the catholic priests can’t marry is
based on the principle of confinement. Once the priest is married, his love for the church and faithful is reduced to his wife and family. His universal love for the church and faithful would be reduced to his wife and family so there would be laxity in fulfilling his duties.

When a boy has a girlfriend, his whole world is centred on her and her activities. He would be always worried about her and her things as a result he would get confined solely to her; this can affect his studies and to develop a good career.

This kind of confinement happens in our life, may be with people or things that we possess. The people whom we meet or the technology that we use in our life journey is always just felicitator to be more productive and efficient.

Many a time we get confined to people or things we use, we should be able to go beyond all these. Confinements to people cost us a lot in terms of energy, time and money and at the end what we get is a life without peace.  Confinement is good to some extent because it keeps the relationship growing strong. But we should learn to draw the line that to what extent we should be confined to.

We should be able to handle it without getting addicted to people and things. Over confinement can only disturb us. Everyone is essential but no one is indispensable. Let us learn the art of having moderate approach to people and things than getting confined to. Too much of confinement can only cost us not help us really.    

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